November 28, 2012

We Think, We Review, We Stress

Who of us does not think about our life an enormous amount of our moments?  I am assuming not to many of you said "Not me!".   The truth is, we think, we talk, we think, we review our thoughts, we speak without thinking, we think about what just happened, we stress, we think, we review........

In all this chaos why don't we just breathe?  It takes an orange in the apple bin to stop the madness remember? 

As we have been thinking about dark vapor, pieces of our lives, and the BIG picture I took a few moments to reflect "outside the box".  I laid all my best idea's aside, along with the little frame which fit them and sat with God and a blank page. 

These are the oranges in my apple bin.

And here is what I see.

I am going to read back through just breathe and the orange among our apples.  Let's see what is created from all that.

I pray that each of you see things unimaginable, hear the calmness of His voice, smell the sweet victory of our saviour and raise up your hearts to clutch hope....

In Love,

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