August 1, 2011

Is That Your Final Answer?

All of the Deeply Series is discovering the deep seated beliefs we have anchored in our soul.  This is the reason that we preface the groups with this overview:
Deeply is all about the decisions that we have to make if we are going to believe that God is who He says He is.  If we do believe this we will create a healthy fear in the Lord.
This does not mean that we are against discussing doubts, fears, ambiguity, frustration and everything that might seem to oppose what we are working toward.  Remember we include Trip, Fall, Fly in all that we do.  We are not here to impose legalism, denomonationalism (is that even a word) or pluralism.  We are here to create relationships: give compassion, empathy, understanding, wisdom, discernment, silence with an embracing arm, listening ear and Christ centered efforts.

Our purpose is always to expose our false reality in a way to create a catalyst for honest righteous changes in our lives - starting with our thinking to work out in our relationships Ultimately to honor God through a life which is flourishing in the sight of everyone.

So what is stopping this from happening in YOUR life?  We each must answer this question?  Is it even something you desire is the first question?  If not, why?  What do you feel would be a negative toward you?  What ever it is stems from a fear.  Can you isolate the fear to take a look at it?

Since we are always in a process - and thus process oriented ( or should be, you know my pet peeve with goal orientation) lets look at the process finding some of the chairs we have given out allowing those poaching thoughts to stick around and become beliefs.

Understanding that what ever is sitting in that chair is a real object to us it will play the part of our subject.  The actions we take to keep it in that seat undisturbed is what we believe.  Are you still with me so far?

Before we offer this object a chair we go through a process of gathering proof to prove to our self that our final answer is "yes, this subject will be given a chair.  It is now in the deep seat section orchestrating our thoughts. 

There is a parallel lane on this highway of proof to proven that we travel.  This lane is grief to grieving.  Avoidance keeps us on this road way.  What are we avoiding? Discomfort!  We all know that growth requires stretching ourselves.  We watch this day in and day out with children as their bodies stretch high and fill out.  We know all about growth pains, but they're not that big of a deal, right?  So why do we avoid it in maturing, increasing intellectually, relationally?  Why do we perceive obstacles as negative?  Remember the wall in "The Last Lecture"  it is only there to see how determined you are.  That is a great thing!

Here are a couple of interesting tid-bits:

When looking up some etymology of English words decide came from the formation of words meaning to decide and the ion added forming our word decision means suspicion, suspend, conversion, convert, compulsion, compel.

We are the object in another arena - we are the object in a battle taking place between truth and deception.  There is a seat with your name and it is just for you in each orchestra pit.  Will you suspend your decision long enough to gather all the facts?

What if we believe in God's promises long enough to see that He will prove the theories are incomplete?  What if we simply get more afraid of the illusion of the oncoming pain, discomfort, grief and abandon His faithfulness right when we would have had the proof we needed?  Remember He promised to never leave us nor to forsake us. 

Aren't we even the least bit fearful of calling God a liar by the seat we take -the seat we give to belief through the actions we believe and call truth? 

Think about it.
Write about it.
Share it with me / us here or in group Friday.

My prayer is that we will make the decision to decide that we believe in what is holy, lovely and pure then to be truth, be light and BE truly beautiful in all we say do and walk out.

(By the way - that is what one of our t-shirts are having printed on them - Be truth , Be light, believe - and the other is Be True Beauty ~ be beauty in chaos)  Let you all know when they are finished!

Kisses in Christ,