June 16, 2012

I Will Meet You Right There; Don't Leave!

Today I was reading through old posts on fear since that is our topic for awhile.  I found a nugget from 2010 which was a great reminder for me personally.  I know you might laugh, seeing as I write these.  You would think that since I know AND truly believe all this, with everything that I am comprised of, that I would be different.....but I'm just not so different - Believe me!

The post was from our Emerge site which is for those caring for other,which I will link below. As I was reading through it I started thinking about how each of us come to Christ at different points of understanding and maturity and He doesn't care. All He cares about is that we desire to come. 

I started thinking about how He tells us to believe He will come when we desire Him to come.  Also, that we have to believe all He tells us in relationship to the end of times or we might not be there when He comes.  We can compare it to meeting a friend at a specific location.  When we get there first, sometimes we think we got things confused.  We might try to phone, text or sit patiently.  However, as time passes and they don't show up we go through all sorts of thoughts and take different actions don't we.

When we have friends that are consistent and trustworthy our actions are different.  We know something must have happened, we get concerned for their welfare.  The messages have a different tone don't they.  This is the way we should be every day as we wait on Christ to return.  We mustn't doubt, because He will be here.  We might not know the hour or day, but we must be where we are supposed to be so that He won't leave thinking we are inconsistent and not trustworthy.

As for the other posts it relates in this way:  As we are waiting, there are many people in need of knowing that the "last train to Clarksville" will be pulling out and we need to be on board.  Be careful how you treat others along the way, and remember when people are attempting to help you take it easy on them too.  You never know what they have been going through before you met up with them. 

If you are in Christ, remember that you have been given much and much is expected.  BUT that much isn't something YOU can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and give.  God gives you the much and He gives you the holy spirit to employ for the work at hand.  This is what maturing in Christ does for us, we have more to give because we enable HIM within us. 

God is delighted in you no matter where you are; no matter what state your in His train will be rolling through and He's calling your name to hop on board.  He'll help you with all the rest.  Come on it's a joy ride with sweet rest and great companion =D

My love to you all,

Enjoy "The Last Train To Clarksville"!

 Link for post on  KB's Emerge page:  If He Shrinks Back
I also posted on KBJourney the same day Meet Ya Right There...

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