August 24, 2010

Meet Ya Right There, Don't Go Anywhere

Today as I was posting to the Emerge site, (  for full details)I thought you know this is just as applicable to people in crisis.  Do not forget my dear friends that even when you are being supported through crisis it is no different than it is for those supporting you in your crisis.  Another nugget to remember is that as we are all out here just "livin' the good life" fighting the battles in victory (just a reminder so that we keep our peace and joy =D) someone next to us has not allowed Christ to meet them right where they are. 

So until they do, Christ needs you to forget your pain and count it all joy as you reach for your family member, neighbor, pen pal or co-worker.  Show them that no matter what you are going through - you will not shrink back.  Why? because you have faith in the faithful One. You have been redeemed as a faithful warrior, transformed into Him image....maybe some don't see it yet.  But never fear...God is here - and He sees you.  He ALWAYS has even before you were formed in your mothers womb.  And He said it was SO good. 

Like Adam and Eve He put them in the Garden of Eden to "cultivate it AND keep it".  Tomorrow we will be speaking more on what cultivating and keeping mean so we may apply it with His vision, effort and victory. 

May we know God and trust Him like Habakkuk.....

To Him be all the glory for ever and ever.  So be it!