January 20, 2012

What is Your Mind Frame?

I wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed our meeting today.  What is so awesome for me is that no matter how many times I talk about a subject, I learn something, go a bit deeper on the topic.  I am so very blessed to be able to glean from each of your experiences, laughter, silence, opinions, hugs and kisses.  And then there are those precious kiddo's - don't even get me started .....

In the gallery of my mind each of you have a plaque.  You are forever etched in my heart and no one can take that from me or from YOU.  Remember this week to look through your gallery.  Think about the "corners" and the quality of work which YOU choose to call "fine art".

As for me, I made my choice and I call each of you FINE ART!  You know what the best part is?  So does God.  No change is necessary for that either - He loved you before you did well or messed up.  He sees you in your fullness, not from the frail sights of man.

Believe that....because it is so.

Kisses to you all and much gratitude =D

If you want the notes from today, "What is Your Mind Frame" just let me know.