December 31, 2011

See Again

Good Morning Daddy,

It is the last day of 2011 – Thank you for another glorious, rich, prosperous year. You have such great plans for your family. You love us with such incredible might and yet you are so gentle and kind.

I think I will post SEE again, just as a witness to what I know to be real~ You ARE real – you tell us about your soul and your spirit. We are made in your likeness – to reflect your image in all we do. We are unique in appearance even qualities or more appropriately abilities; however your heights, depths, widths are reached because your spirit enables our soul by uniting all our capabilities to synergistically achieve your magnificent scope of precision in all ways.

Oh Father, help us in a mighty way to not give up, but give in…….to you ~ Be built upon you ~ Be sustained within you ~ Be able through you ~ Be for your cause and not in any way allow the forces of our self to stand against the flow of your Love for all creation.

For the name sake and glory of our redeemer Lord Jesus the Christ and for each one of us comprising His body. May we remember these things and cast the lesser memories away in order that as you flow throughout all, sin is bound for eternity.

Remember us – your children, as cherished, holy, lovely and pure because you are holy, lovely and pure. May the power, of victory in Christ, transform us by the renewing of our mind to walk upon your heavenly highway toward what lies ahead. Because you first loved us, may we love you just the same by loving whom you love and sharing what you gave.

Kisses ~ C
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