May 31, 2011

Right Where You Are

Today, I would like you all to think about right where you are....not where you are going and not where you want to be.  I simply want you to try....T R Y ......really hard to just BE in the moment of this day.  Be purposeful with each encounter that you have.  BE intentional with the thoughts you linger on.  When frustration comes at you deflect it by maintaining your space in peace.  Pray for the aggressors do not enter into the coliseum.
We know that God loved us before we loved Him.  We know He meets us right where we are.  If He doesn't expect us to get all gussied up before He comes to be with us then we should step up and work with Him right where we are, Right?!
If only for today - BE the beauty amidst chaos; Be the salt when things need good taste; Be the light in the not add to the problems of this day.
I thank God for His gift of this day as well as the mercy and grace to grow from glory to glory to glory in Christ.
Kisses raining over you, in Christ chasing you down to over take you,

May 30, 2011

As Close As We Ever Will Be

As Close As We Will Ever Be.......

A few days ago I was looking for a previous post someone had requested.  As I was searching I came across a group of segements pertaining to our beliefs, trust, faith and ability to not loose sight in the midst of chaos.  Unfortunately, or fortunately if you believe there are NO accidents, I was not able to find it again this morning. 

Since I skimmed over it last week - it has repeatedly come to mind. So in order to place it in a less comspicuos area of my mind, I am writing about it again:

When we truly believe and have faith in the promise  of our eternity being clutched in the strong, righteous, loving, just and faithful Lord God Almighty we CAN live in peace no matter what is imploring us to release it.
Think about it......While certainly this atmosphere is distant from our eternity, Christ promised that His kingdom was at hand.  He left so that we could have  the eternal presence within us here.  The more we bring our pieces together, the larger our piece is here.  The larger our piece is here the mightier our PEACE is here. 

Think about how we are to be salt and light in the tasteless darkness.  Think about how we are to be the pixels inbetween Heaven and hell.  Think about how much we have been entrusted with inorder that those headed on the "Highway to Hell" might actually find the "Heavenly Highway". 

We ARE as close as we will ever be to damnation and while at times we might smell a bit smokey we will never feel that singe or sting of burning flesh...

Can't we take our eyes off our momentary inconveniences to truly CARE for those who do not know and see the way?  So what if they are stuborn.....we have been in the past and still are!  So what if they push our buttons and call us hurtful things or even belittle us for our compassions / perceived weaknesses; are we truly that different? 

I am saying "Stop it!" to all of us - "Seriously, Stop IT".  We are free, we are liberated, we are eternally in the presence of GOD - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  What could we possibly have to groan and grumble about.....other than not getting our way, or others not treating us in the way we believe we should be treated - having to work harder than someone else because they just won't get up and MOVE.  REALLY.....are we going to keep allowing THAT to goad us into releasing our peace.  If so we are such an easy target!

I beg of all of us to remember that if we were playing Limbo THIS is as Low as we go.  Everyone present here on earth is dying so don't get so attached - why do you think God had to promise to NEVER leave us or forsake us?  No brainer - because EVERYONE...E V E R Y O N E else has to leave you!  If you are lucky maybe you will be the leaver and stick someone else in the leavie position.  None-the-less there will be a time in your life when your crutch will not be there to hold you up.  Please think about that right now and be prepared - lean on Christ....Lean into that He can support you through it all.

Listen to the song and read the lyrics then journal a bit today and tomorrow.  When I find the other I will repost it....=D

With love and prayers today in gratitude of our eternal liberty, in thanks to those who fought very real battles to help us physically have freedom from those battles!

Be a butterfly - or a Kite which ever you desire.....but do BE Free....TODAY!

Composer -U2

Something is about to give
I can feel it coming
I think I know what it is
I'm not afraid to die
I'm not afraid to live
And when I'm flat on my back
I hope to feel like I did
Cause hardness, it sets in
You need some protection
The thinner the skin
I want you to know
That you don't need me anymore
I want you to know
You don't need anyone, anything at all
Who's to say where the wind will take you
Who's to know what it is will break you
I don't know which way the wind will blow
Who's to know when the time has come around
Don't wanna see you cry
I know that this is not goodbye
In summer I can taste the salt in the sea
There's a kite blowing out of control on a breeze
I wonder what's gonna happen to you
You wonder what has happened to me
I'm a man, I'm not a child
A man who sees
The shadow behind your eyes
Who's to say where the wind will take you
Who's to know what it is will break you
I don't know where the wind will blow
Who's to know when the time has come around
I don't wanna see you cry
I know that this is not goodbye
Did I waste it?
Not so much I couldn't taste it
Life should be fragrant
Roof top to the basement
The last of the rock stars
When hip hop drove the big cars
In the time when new media
Was the big idea
That was the big idea

May 27, 2011

This Life is a Journey.....Satan and Tests

The Afters - Light up the Sky

Thank you all for the wonderful group today - it is always such a pleasure to be with you all.  Please remember the challenge : to praise God for being so gracious and all mighty, to pray for others in areas you journal about, to request that your spirit prosper even as your soul prospers and then anything else you might desire to pray through.  The poem to continue thinking on our discussions today is also posted. 

I felt that this song would be such a great way to end this week and start the Memorial Day weekend.  If you have the ability go purchase a few sparklers and go Out, Out, Out in the night to watch Him Light, Light, Light up the sky's for you.  He IS with you....and you in my hearts!

My love to you all.....Right where you are =D

Life is a Journey
         Satan and Tests

So easily you give up;  to vanity your souls 
You see a reality, but can you truly see?

The glitz and glitter dazzle, are you blinded by their light?
The longings wrap around you,
This world creeps close and tight....

Another day another night, you roll without a clue
Passing much too quickly, to glimpse eternal truths
What you think you see are clear visions
 Composed of darkness and light

In the darkness secrets are deeply hidden
In a vault behind a locked door
To expose to light to makes you shudder
Longing for blindness you're drawn deeper into the snare
Walking in.. the tangle of webs wrap about you
My light floods Illumination in search of you
Its quest:  liberation of your Soul to soar great heights

You must master your soul within the spirit
Whatever owns your heart will master your true life
Deep, dark, gripping snarls from one master
Yet created for joy, peace and light
This body is not timeless - so stop striving
Your soul will have a home ..... this is your choice
Your eyes and heart may wander for seasons
But your designer ends all roads of a life time

We do not receive the road map to follow
Our eyes must not lead us astray
We must embrace faith to be guided
We hire our own guide with the time we pay
Trust is the purest of payments
Your heart, through love, will lead you home
Through the doorway of Darkness... bound by guilt and misery
Or passing by that into brightness beyond our belief

~C Huffmaster

©Candace Huffmaster 2008 All Rights Reserved

May 25, 2011

And On It Goes.....Life That Is

Life has many qualities, segments and layers.
Each of us have the option of what we do with our “Life Time”

God gave us life: In Genesis he placed the man he had created within the Garden of Eden and breathed life into his nostrils. So Adam became a “living” human being. There is also an intrinsic life upholding the mere shell. This “life” stems from our thoughts. In the moments of the day we thing, we choose……

What are the sources of reference you are choosing from?
Be purposeful with allowing your mind to linger or NOT. It is YOUR choice and yours alone.

Think about THAT today =D  And write what you take away from this poem - there are a few more questions following it.

I love you all - Be the beauty in the midst of Chaos ......You ARE beautiful!!


Life in full bloom

Pick each moment like a flower
Selected with intent
Appreciate its fragrance
The design of the elegant stem
Feel the texture of each petal
The essence of the oil within
The life upon its stamens
The beauty the eyes behold

So delicate is this flower
Withstanding all life’s storms
In season it pushes through the darkness
Gently curves as it reaches new heights
Rising up to open in splendor
Embracing the beauty of Gods design
Fragrantly sharing of all its essence
Allowing others the experience of her gifts
The beauty and fragrance encourage the weary
Knowing when picked its one life will soon fade

Although it is alive no more than mere moments
The memories are larger than its own precious life
The people touched by one simple flower
The seeds scattered to bring forth a new life
Though for a time under earth seed are buried
The dirt knows not what it is holding onto
God’s sends nourishment to ensure strength for deliverance
He knows the time, season and need
He plants his seeds to prosper each place
He revels while watching the journey into true beauty
Releasing gentle winds which carry essence when released

God willing her seeds will greatly scatter
In peace her roots grow down deep
With joy she sways, face uplifted
Toward the beams of the bright morning star
In warmth she stands till her time is finished
To return to that, from which she came.

~Candace Huffmaster

Think on this and choosing your moments with intent.
  • One life
  • Seasons and storms

May 24, 2011

Time, Times and Half a there ever enough TIME?

We have discussed many thing about our thoughts, our beliefs, the coulda shoulda woulda's and our focus.  Now we are going to get Honest with all that.  We will be starting to apply this to "LIFE".  So, today I ask you to think / journal a bit more as you think about what you believe Life even is composed of. 

What is life to you? 

Don't try to write the "correct" answer or even one that is insightful  - really do this just for you. On any given day we have the perfunctory list of items to attend to.  I am sure many of our lists are pretty realistic and obtainable....maybe even a bit impressive if anyone glances over our shoulder. 

Time well spent? 
What is time? 
Does time end?

Time began before my life began, it was already in progress, and it keeps going long after my last heart beat.
These are simply facts and they cannot be disputed. 
Do your minutes, breaths, heart beats live beyond each second?
Do they vanish with no more of a thought than that beautifully fragrant flower which brings us such delight?

Think about about it.....share your discoveries.  Tomorrow we will start our sojourn through time, space, breath, life and purpose with intent.

My prayer for each of us is that when we breath in we remember that the first breath was Gods; when we exhale we desire to share of all He has provided and then use the power of voice to speak life into every nook and cranny of this crazy, amazing, adventurous, sojourn we are blessed to live out.

In the powerful name of Christ Jesus our Lord,

PS enjoy the video

May 23, 2011

Seven Needs by Os Hillman

TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman

"The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds" (2 Cor 10:3-5).
Jerry had grown up with a father who was a successful workaholic. Although he lacked for nothing materially, he never sensed much warmth or compassion from his parents. Then, when Jerry was still in his early teens, his father died very suddenly. His large family was left with little support, and insecurity and fear became the dominating factors in the young man's life. Vowing to himself that he would never lack financial need again, Jerry worked hard at his business. A stronghold of idolatry brought reliance on the wealth he had accumulated rather than a prayerful dependency on God.

Arguments over money dominated his marriage. Distrust and greed permeated his home and business relationships. No one could "stand in his face" and tell him what to do. Finally, as his marriage disintegrated and his business gave signs of going under, Jerry renounced the strongholds of insecurity and fear that had made money his idol and had shaped his disbelieving view of God's ability to meet his need.

As the Holy Spirit brought conviction of the sins he had committed against so many people, he purposed to approach each one to seek forgiveness and make restitution wherever appropriate. His priorities shifted to God and family, then to close friends and business. God began to restore balance and intimacy with God and others as a result.

God created human beings with seven primary needs as represented in Genesis 1&2. Each of us has a need for:

1. Dignity
2. Authority
3. Blessing & Provision
4. Security
5. Purpose & Meaning
6. Freedom & Boundary
7. Intimate Love & Companionship
Whenever we seek to meet one or more of these basic needs outside God's design we have set the stage for the development of a generational stronghold. As in the case of Jerry, who in this case is the author, he needed to discover the needs he was attempting to meet through a demonic stronghold of insecurity and fear.

Generational strongholds can impact our relationship with God and others. Today, why not begin to investigate root issues that may be impacting you or your family.

May 21, 2011

Birthright discussions from Friday group

We know that in the Middle East a birthright is primogeniture or right of the first-born.  What primogeniture means is: A system of inheritance in which land passes exclusively to the eldest son.

We discussed how Rebekkah asked the Lord why there was such a struggle with the babies in her belly.  We read in Genesis where the Lord answered her question:

"Two nations are in your womb; and two peoples will be separated from your body; and one people shall be stronger than the other;  and the older shall serve the younger."

We then discussed how families fight over inheritances if the deceased has not specified the details.  We all know that bitterness even pops up when this is done.

We also discussed that while Love and Peace "should" be given by others it is their free will to give it or not.  We spoke about proper boundaries being althought we do our part and offer Love and Peace if it is 1)not accepted 2) not freely given our rights may not cross into the "colliseum" where the great cloud of witnesses are to battle out till death the winner of the spoils. 

We looked at the interplay between Esau and Jacob, the parental riff of favorites and how that builds the character of individuals.  We discussed how God had told Rebekkah the end before it even started.  We asked questions to journal about:  Was God simply being omnipresent and stating the facts or was this His best plan and good will for the siblings? 

We had discussion about Esau not respecting his birthright and giving it away from lentil soup.  So in essence maybe it is inaccurate to blame Jacob for taking what was given - Esau was perfectly capable of doing some prep work on his kill for the day.  Maybe he was just being lazy - Maybe he just didn't think it was his job and expected Jacob to do it for him - Maybe he didn't think it would eventuate even if he said it, after all he WAS daddy's favorite AND the oldest.

We discussed that if Jacob really believed it was his why did he feel he couldn't just walk into his dads tent and say - "Hey pops, seems you forgot Esau gave the birthright which is a blessing to me - and we know we can't be double minded!) 

We also read Romans 10:1-

Brethren, my heart's desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation. For I testify about them that they have (A)a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge. For not knowing about (B)God's righteousness and (C)seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God. For (D)Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to (E)everyone who believes. For Moses writes that the man who practices the righteousness which is based on law (F)shall live by that righteousness. But (G)the righteousness based on faith speaks as follows: "(H)DO NOT SAY IN YOUR HEART, 'WHO WILL ASCEND INTO HEAVEN?' (that is, to bring Christ down), or 'WHO WILL DESCEND INTO THE (I)ABYSS?' (that is, to (J)bring Christ up from the dead)." But what does it say? "(K)THE WORD IS NEAR YOU, IN YOUR MOUTH AND IN YOUR HEART"--that is, the word of faith which we are preaching, that (L)if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and (M)believe in your heart that (N)God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.


We discussed if all of them had of lived in peace and trust of God's word, given Love and Peace to each other as they journey through out their days in faith that His will is good, perfect AND pleasing.  All this would have allowed Issace to die in peace - but can you imagine THIS being your last will and testiment to your family legacy?  I don't know about you but I would be ready to check out of this family and move forward, what about you?

I pray that we all not depend on our understanding and scheming to manipulate how to "come into" our inheritance - but that we lean on God's understanding and trust that He is continually working out our journey - moment by moment.  For this is the New Day that the Lord had given and we will rejoice in its new mercies and grace day by day.   

We can extend love and peace however, if we start manipulating actions in order to coerce them into receiving them we will be walking into the colliseum with all those witnesses watching up as we beat them up with all our goodness in our attemts.  Isn't that Ludacris?????


May 20, 2011

Birthrights, Blessings and Perceptions

Today think about your birthright – In this world as a citizen of this world, by way of your family heritage, What is your birthright? Think about it, journal questions and thoughts about it, pray about it…….

See some of you shortly in the Friday Group - when I get back to my desk I will post the discussions we had for other groups and those of you that have not made it to an acutal group yet.  Please feel free to be part of the group by sending me your thoughts, questions etc.  I will share them and get feed back for you!

I pray that our eyes are opened, our minds are infused with His divine understanding and together we can share the truth and be free.

In Christ with Love,

May 19, 2011

Am I Standing in the Right Place???

Found it Guys!  It was not in the archives, however there is another post from Friday August 20th 2010 where I suggested you refer to this.  Since it was not in the archives, you might want to go back and pull that one up as well to look over tomorrow.  
All week long we have been going back to basics which has made me reflect as well.  These are things I am pondering and somewhat have experiential knowledge of  through taking action on the knowledge He has made available to us.

God has made it clear to us that we are to stand in the gap:  to show His love -which covers a multitude of sins, to lead and teach Gods word to lost and or struggling people. Essentially, to be a vessel for Him so that His body is in their midst doing whatever He needs to do to rescue and deliver His children.

Today I was listening to Bryan Houston and his sermon was on being fearfully and wonderfully made. I know I am, I believe I am - just as I know and believe this about all of us. This lead me to think about the spirit of Jezebel and how we all think that we know best, how we should look, vocation or whatever else. We basically say to God, "who needs you and by the way what you did was not so hot!" "I want to look like this", "I want to do this... and I can…so that is what I am going to do!"

This lead me into thinking about marriage and how God created us to be a man’s helper. We all want to marry someone that we are the mirror image of in likes dislikes etc. Yet we want the other person to do what we do not want to do (such as laundry, pay the bills, watch the children so we can have more personal time - just sayin' if they are just like us they will not want to do it either!) We want to be attracted to the person physically and we want them to always take care of us in all ways.

If all this happened, we would not have to learn and grow. We would get no ideas about how God functions or what He desires. Why can we not stop thinking about ourselves for more than mere minutes at a time????? Our needs are met; we have a creator that promised that. What He needs is a body to do His will.

Will we keep neglecting God’s instructions? Will we keep telling Him no and our selves Yes?

God tells us that when we have done all to stand, to stand. But what if we are standing in the wrong place and He is simply trying to push us toward another place? If we do not know His will, or why he made us we might believe it is “the enemy” we will fight Him even harder!

So where have we moved beyond fighting the good fight and passed into fighting Him to stay in the wrong place?

There is so much for us to learn, so many areas for Him to speak to us as individuals. He is so interesting to listen to; His ways are higher than our ways. He has the correct answer for all our questions. We simply want his answers to always fit what we want to do – so we go in circles trying to find somewhere to access the agreement with our own understanding. True research looks for “all wise resources” the agreement and the dispute. There is balance for discernment, not weights – which God warns against. He tells us to beware of the false teachers who tickle our ears, the ones that scream peace, peace when there is no peace. We must look for people who are standing in the right place, telling us the righteous things. They may miss it at times or we may misunderstand but at least we will be standing in the right place covered in the love that covers a multitude of sins.

In your journals or on your canvas' write about this as you ponder the questions below: remembering our foundation is God's word.
  • What was the first and last thing we knew we had to do based on God's word?
  • Did you stand till it was complete?
  • Do you listen more to fear and fall - or faith and finish?
  • Do you believe God is sovereign?
  • Today we are adding to this list based on the above questions: Do you believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, for God's purposes?

I love you Lord – my prayer is for our spirits to prosper even as our souls do and for your church to be united and all people to be one, as you and the father are one. We are your people and we are one with you, I pray come Lord Jesus, come…..and the church said "Come".

With the love of our Christ

May 18, 2011

Are you Going for the Ask or the Rip Cord?

Good Morning  - You all asked me to find the entry about the parachute, so here it is!  It fits in nicely with where we closed out in Deeply.  It also is a wonderful perspective for walking into Honestly.  I have not been able to locate the one about "standing in the right place".  We will use this one for expounding on ASK.

Today all we are going to do is define ASK and allow you to write about YOUR rip cord experiences...isn't that going to be FUN (dont' think I don't see you all rolling your eyes at me - ha ha)
Just give it a shot......lean into the free'll all be GREAT! Not I, but HE promises.
We know that God said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge".  We also know that the holy spirit is here to enlighten us on all things that we ask for enlightenment on.  So let's be sure we know what that means:
In the Greek - aiteo generally means to ask, beg, call for , crave, desire, require.  It is not a root word however, where it is derived from is uncertain.  However when we compare it to another Greek word which has similar usage - punthanomai - we can see that it is more rigid than to imply questioning;  it is a demand for something due. 
This is one reason we must be cautious when we state we will do something.  We are accountable to come through when it is called upon to do so.  We must be clear when we have doubts as to our ability to come through.....we are accountable to God first and second to man. 
We discussed free will and coercion a few weeks ago.  It is wrong to use the whole - how to get others to do what you want and like it philosophy that is promoted in sales, management etc these days.  So if you attempt to bully people "Stop It".  It's wrong!  (I am telling myself that as well...just so ya know) 
I pray we all get REAL honest with ourselves.  It will help us LOVE loving others - and enjoy relationships with God first, others second.....and yes, ourselves last.  Within righteous boundaries - we're getting there!

Journal entry for Sept 8th 2008
Matthew 11:25-30
Specifically 29 and 30 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble  in heart and you shall find rest for your souls for my yoke is easy and My load is light.

Today I was speaking with a friend and I told her that all I knew was that I was doing my best everyday with diligence and faith.  I knew that God knew my needs on the horizon and I could focus on my needs or embrace the day.  God has said that he has plans for us; plan for us to prosper not plans for our destruction.  We are here to fight the good fights of each day and when we have done all to do that to rest in our confidence in Him.  He told us to have faith and to lay things at His feet.  To pick up His yoke and follow Him because His yoke is light and He goes before us in All things to show us the way.  I said that is all I have.  She said well honey that is all you need. 
I told my friend it was as if each day I strap on my parachute of faith in God through Christ and JUMP.  At first I am enjoying the free fall and enjoying the view but then I see the ground and I panic. I pull the rip cord as I focus on the ground and start saying “come on,  come on, release already”  then impatiently I question can’t you see the ground  Come on Already I am going to be dust in a minute” 
I start focusing on how unable I am to do anything about the situation and lose sight of How Able my God is and how much He simply wants me to enjoy every second of the free fall and trust Him.
That is how He does it and That is just the way I fall.
I am going to finish this free fall so that God is glorified and I can thank Him for such a Rush.
Tomorrow I am going to hold onto this whole experience, so that I enjoy it from jump to landing.
In Christ, with His love

May 17, 2011

Do Not Ask Until You Question All You Know.......

We have discussed our not asking, due to differed hope.  We have also discussed not having hope due to faith in our fear - We are now entering the Honestly Series.  This is taking what we know and seeing if we believe "It is So".  (If you have the information  - If it is So...So it IS - you might want to go over it again).

Since "asking" is pivotal to receiving and the cornerstone of our merger into Unity.  It is apropos that we begin here.  To ask is a process and tomorrow we will go into that.  For today, let's just build the brick road =D.

You know why I think the spirit has to intercede for us? Because if we received only what we asked for we would be destroying ourselves due to not fully understanding. Hosea chapter 4 God tells us that His people perish due to lack of knowledge.

We don’t understand what we are REALLY asking for…….then forget to thank God for not giving it to us till we understand. That requires maturity through seeking truth. Don’t perish….ask your questions! Thank God that he allowed Christ to die so that the spirit could rise up in us. That "one life" multiplied a thousand fold. He would like to do that in each of us too – but we have to believe it, seek it ……and THEN ask because we know it will show up. He is faithful, I pray that our faith not fail HIM.

In James 4 we are told that we do not have because we do not ask. We are warned that when we do not receive then we are to discern our intent (love angle). In Hebrews 10 we are encouraged to live by faith, then warned if we shrink back His soul (his very breath of life) will have no pleasure in us.  Of course his spirit would not have pleasure it is grieving because we have no hope – we have chosen to make the power opposing the holy spirit operative in our life, ultimately saying “be unplugged and sit here and watch as I get pummeled and run all around squandering "the moment that be" like a chicken with my head cut off”.

Think about these points today and write a bit. Be ready to share some of your thoughts….Friday is on the way!

Be ready to give a reason for your hope – that will be what you believe will show up. What do you believe will show up if you were to ask ?
The answer to your question will be what you are holding in your mind and heart. When you speak of fears this is what you expect to show up. It is hard to face, but true. Literally, it is hard to face – this is the reason we shrink back from it. I believe this is what God meant when he stated – My righteous one will stand in faith and if he shrinks back my soul will have no pleasure in him

In Habakkuk God promised that He will show up, and he will! Remember when we discussed Truth and His promises – “If it is So, so it will be” and the second part of that was “whether spoken or unspoken” remember how we discussed God has already spoke; the variable is if we will leave it unsaid – or not be there when he does come.

Don’t be deceived  He will be there! But I must ask.....will you ???
WE are supposed to be asking for His kingdom to come every day. Are you doing that – I am. And every day – I hope it will be there when I look for it on the horizon. Yesterday wasn’t the day……maybe it will be today! “But if not” I know we are one day closer and that is a wonderful, beautiful, exciting thing to my heart, mind and soul.
I pray that we all in one voice cry out to Him - Come Lord Jesus....Come; TODAY!

May 16, 2011

And the TRUTH Shall Set You Free - But First........

We know that God promises that the truth shall set us free.....but in order to get to that freedom we must shatter the false images we call truth;  this is a process not a decision.  The decision comes first and most of us falsely believe that this is the end of the story.  We believe therefore our job is done.  But as we have studied God's word tells us that a thief is no longer a thief not when he realizes he is a their but when he believes he is a thief, doesn't desire to be a thief any longer, is sorry for the grief and pain he has caused others (notice I didn't type sorry for the pain it caused HIM) seeks what a giver looks like because this is what he desires to be and then does it as he is growing.

Greed is the most selfish thing around.  Selfishness in any form is greed, putting yourself first is stealing from God and others.  When you are afraid someone is going to get what you want or keep you from having what you want you get greedy.  You take, you push, you belittle, you minimize and you don't care about what you cause  - because you don't mean to hurt anyone else.

Can you handle that truth.  Look at yourself in the mirror today.  Ask God where am I greedy? Ask Him to show you the truth and when He does - I pray that you will be sorry for what you have done to others without holding them accountable for what you have done.....simply to see the truth and the truth to show you the way out of the lies you have believed.  I ask that you receive His forgiveness for what you have done it is available when you forgive those that have trespassed on your "stuff". 

I ask that you lean not on your own understanding, but believe that Love covers a multitude of sins.  I ask that you look at your self in that mirror and believe that in Him there is no condemnation, guilt or shame.  I ask that today you hear what the spirit of the Lord says and start to be transformed by the renewing of your minds.

Write about your greed, if you prefer selfishness to be called that. Write about what you perceive God has taken from you - because the fact is people don't give or take away - only God gives good and perfect gifts.  Maybe he is trying desperately to keep you from harming your very life.  He does love you, you know.  But he will allow you to glutton yours "self" to death.......if that is your free will.

"BE .....transformed by the renewing of your mind...pixel by pixel.

With the love of Christ,

May 14, 2011

Look Where YOU are Standing and What Angle You are Looking From - It's Not the Only View

Today, simply read these and think about them, pray about them. I hope each of you have a wonderful Saturday. I pray that each of us think about what our motives are in the things we say and do. I pray that even if just for today we can look at ALL the people around us as a child that God loves and is trying desperately to help get through this life. If you are having a great day - praise God. If you are thinking you have it all together and looking down on another careful, it might be you some day.

My love to each of you...let's give someone more than a break today...let's give 'em a hand up.

A Story About a Vineyard -

What do you think about this? A man had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go to work in the vineyard today.’ “His son replied, ‘I don’t want to!’ But later he changed his mind and went. “The father went to the other son and told him the same thing. He replied, ‘I will, sir,’ but he didn’t go. “Which of the two sons did what the father wanted?” “The first,” they answered. Jesus said to them, “I can guarantee this truth: Tax collectors and prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you. John came to you and showed you the way that God wants you to live, but you didn’t believe him. The tax collectors and prostitutes believed him. But even after you had seen that, you didn’t change your minds and believe him.

“Listen to another illustration. A landowner planted a vineyard. He put a wall around it, made a winepress, and built a watchtower. Then he leased it to vineyard workers and went on a trip. “When the grapes were getting ripe, he sent his servants to the workers to collect his share of the produce. The workers took his servants and beat one, killed another, and stoned a third to death. So the landowner sent more servants. But the workers treated them the same way. “Finally, he sent his son to them. He thought, ‘They will respect my son.’ “When the workers saw his son, they said to one another, ‘This is the heir. Let’s kill him and get his inheritance.’ So they grabbed him, threw him out of the vineyard, and killed him. “Now, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those workers?” They answered, “He will destroy those evil people. Then he will lease the vineyard to other workers who will give him his share of the produce when it is ready.”
Jesus asked them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures:
‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. The Lord is responsible for this,and it is amazing for us to see’? That is why I can guarantee that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce what God wants. Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken. If the stone falls on anyone, it will crush that person.”

May 12, 2011

Love Yourselves To Love Others, Time to Stop Loving Yourself Above All Else

They do not truly love who do not show their love. —Shakespeare

Now we know what Shakespeare had to say about love, but what does the author of Love has to say about it?

1 Corinthian answers these questions:
I may speak in the languages of humans and of angels. But if I don’t have love, I am a loud gong or a clashing cymbal. I may have the gift to speak what God has revealed, and I may understand all mysteries
and have all knowledge. I may even have enough faith to move mountains. But if I don’t have love, I am nothing. I may even give away all that I have and give up my body to be burned.a But if I don’t have love, none of these things will help me.
This is what Love acts like:

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love isn’t jealous. It doesn’t sing its own praises. It isn’t arrogant. It isn’t rude. It doesn’t think about itself. It isn’t irritable. It doesn’t keep track of wrongs. It isn’t happy when injustice is done,but it is happy with the truth. Love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, never gives up.

Can Love Go away?

Love never comes to an end. There is the gift of speaking what God has revealed, but it will no longer be used. There is the gift of speaking in other languages, but it will stop by itself. There is the gift of knowledge, but it will no longer be used. Our knowledge is incomplete and our ability to speak what God has revealed is incomplete. But when what is complete comes, then what is incomplete will no longer be used. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became an adult, I no longer used childish ways. Now we see a blurred image in a mirror. Then we will see very clearly. Now my knowledge is incomplete. Then I will have complete knowledge as God has complete knowledge of me. So these three things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the best one of these is love.

What is your angle on LOVE?

Are you able to see clearly the object of your affections - let's refer to our information "Love Angle":

Loving people the way they need to be loved does not always coincide with the way they want to be loved. Agreement will necessitate maturity of discernment.

In thinking about loving someone as we should, there is a very important factor of love that is overlooked, in my opinion, and that is intent. We cannot truly love someone without our intent being, caring for and commitment toward, the receiving individual. In other words, whomever that intent is in favor of is whom the object of our “love” is directed at. This is how we know if we are in fact in love with someone else or simply in love with ourselves.

If our actions are ultimately neglecting the nurturing, encouragement, or support of the one we are in the relationship with, then whether our intent is to do that or not it is still happening to them. We cannot see how harmful our actions, words, etc are unless we are open to looking at our true love angle.

It is important to understand neglectful behavior happens when we commit to relationship, but then do not have the discipline or selflessness to follow through due to lack of discipline within ourselves. This has to do with areas in which we as individuals have to address maturity principles and seek wisdom.

Our word “understand” is from a Hebrew word, BYIN –which means to discern , perceive, observe, pay attention, to be intelligent, to heed, to instruct, to teach, to attend to, to be sensible. It pertains to superior knowledge. One must know how to use information wisely, we perceive through our senses. As Jesus noted in Matt 13:13 it is possible to hear without perceiving. This understanding is a gift from God. We can pray for it and God can reveal it. The seat for this ethical insight is the heart. (Proverbs 28:5) We must diligently pursue it.

My Prayer for us all is that we mature into our head, which is Christ. Then our love will be complete; missing nothing!  Don't hyper focus on how much you have to grow, rest in Him to finish the good work He began in you.....just like the rest of us, you have some maturing to do!

Much love to you all~kisses

©Candace Huffmaster 2005 All Rights Reserved

May 11, 2011

Afraid of Love, or Afraid of Not BEING Loved?

Philippians 4 1-9

So, brothers and sisters, I love you and miss you. You are my joy and my crown. Therefore, dear friends, keep your relationship with the Lord firm! I encourage both Euodia and Syntyche to have the attitude the Lord wants them to have. Yes, I also ask you, Syzugus, my true partner, to help these women. They fought beside me to spread the Good News along with Clement and the rest of my coworkers, whose names are in the Book of Life.

Always be joyful in the Lord! I’ll say it again: Be joyful! Let everyone know how considerate you are. The Lord is near. Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks. Then God’s peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers and sisters, keep your thoughts on whatever is right or deserves praise: things that are true, honorable, fair, pure, acceptable, or commendable. Practice what you’ve learned and received from me, what you heard and saw me do. Then the God who gives this peace will be with you.

I love the way Paul speaks the truth in love. He is encouraging his fellow believers and those he has been sent to lead and cover. He opens with how much he loves them all….right where they are, as they are. He speaks of a desire for them, to be with them and how he wears that relationship with pride / honor.

Look at what he says next, keep your focus on God first. He does not say focus on what “I” am saying, how much “I” love you and you own “me” something (usually respect due to how we have mentored or cared for someone) He keeps all eyes focused on Christ. He encourages them to seek this relationship first.

Paul goes on to speak highly of the work of others as He is making these requests. He is not touting what he alone has done; he is expressing how they are one body.

It is my opinion that a large factor of how conflict either gets resolved or propelled into a drama is within the next few scriptures. We take our focus off Christ and get into the problem and short comings of people in our midst. We start to desire to “fix” the other person, “Tinker” with how and why they do not see things as we do. We get anxious, irritated, defensive, justified, self righteous…..angry.

Fear is what we have been talking about along with Trust over the past few months. Counseling programs have a diagram that shows “anger” being the tip of an iceberg with all those emotions felt being unresolved beneath the surface of the water. I would like to propose a thought. What if anger is the surface of the water and “Fear” is the cap of the iceberg.

What if we would visualize Christ walking on that fluid surface of anger coming toward us….wearing our cap of fear? We are to grow up into our head which is Christ. He does not wear a hat labeled fear. In fact God promised that there is no fear in love. He also said that pure love casts out all fear.

We cannot wear 2 hats on one head. I think in the south we state it another way…2 horses one backside. Paul closed these encouraging words “then the God who gives this peace will be with you”. Will you receive it? Paul showed us how in these scriptures.

If Christ is our foundation - that means He is literally the road way, because the ground we walk on which uphold us. "Stay with me here" - Christ himself said he is "the way" "the truth" and "the life". So write and think about the surface you are walking on. Look beneath that surface even if for a moment and take a quick peak. See if your way has truth under it. Now look up and see if the destination seems to be heading you toward life. Friday I want to hear about your discoveries - together we will journey on!

I pray for us all that others will see how considerate we are. I pray that the peace and joy of the Lord is our today and that we rejoice. I pray that we grow in relationship with Christ today all the while giving thanks that we are one body upheld by His righteousness. I pray that those who have hurt us or threatened us in anyway be forgiven because I do not believe they knew what they were doing. I pray that Christ meet them right where they are and bring them understanding so that restoration may take place. I pray that God’s peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard our thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus. I thank God that He is showing us thoughts that are Holy, Lovely and Pure so that we can be holy….because He is holy.

I trust that all this is done, because of Christ our Lord, the abilities of our God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit working within us this day.

Please Pray this with me, as One in Christ Jesus -

©Candace Huffmaster 2007 All Rights Reserved

May 9, 2011

...But Joy Comes in the Morning!

Friday we were speaking of the Gospel in group. We discussed the subjects of speaking about our problems, which is good, but not giving honor and glory to God if we stop our sentences where there should be a semicolon or a connecting adverb. There must be the speaking of our discomfort....BUT....a praising of our Lord God Almighty that He will not leave us in this situations as an orphan - unloved.
Another interesting tid-bit using our knowledge of sentence structure is that when using a conjunction the direction of the sentence does not change. Application being: We have been speaking about life as a road trip and what happens when road blocks, bridges or wrecks happen. If we understand that when we take the conjunction by way of getting out of the mishap we simply continue on the same road going deeper toward that destination. However when we take "connecting" detour we are being lead away from the problem and back onto the road in safety.
So when you write about stressful things or speak about them today, bring to remembrance who you are in God's sight: His eye is on you, He sees all the fragments as a design, He has understanding to support your lack of knowledge......But you must believe by using your actions to go as He leads.
Psalms 30:5 (GWT) His anger lasts only a moment. His favor lasts a lifetime. Weeping may last for the night.......but there is a song of joy in the morning! (emphasis mine)
Use the thoughts below to tie everything we have been speaking on - we will be adding to all this and closing out deeply as we review.
View Points and Perspectives
Today I was thinking about our views on things. Conversations with others; what is our view point? Planning our ambitions for the future; what is our view point? View points are actual “things” they are not simply thoughts. They move us down a physical path, interacting with physical things - people, places, and all the tangible objects within.

There are many paths to branch off from with this topic. For now let me park on this thought; If we never take the time to look from all angles, our view point is only one dimensional.

Now think of the view point we are supposed to have; an omnipresent view, through the vision of our creator. We are to look from all directions; both physically and mentally as He does. He knows the beginning and the end at the same time. We can follow that by utilizing history (the beginning) and his promise of what is to come (the end). We have our memories as well as trusted experience of many wise people.

If we take the time to walk around the object we are viewing; whether metaphorical or physical, ask for God to give us his eye sight and power to perceive, and patiently use our mind and heart to reflect we will certainly have a full view from all prospective positions.

With that in mind what do you see? How do you perceive it? Is it a real or false image? Use the powers entrusted to you as a child of God to cast down false imagination and See what is really before you as well as what is down your road. He promises to tell us EVERYTHING in advance. I trust him…..what about you?
Building the Image
  • What do we see? 
  • What will we/it look like? 
  • What will we/it say? 
  • How will we/it act out? 
  • Who are we/it available for? 
These are verses that apply to us all, within them he speaks to us individually. The unique answers will come from your relationship with God through Christ.

We are made in the image of God, we are made like them.

We see that all God said is possible and He himself would manifest it.

We only see in part, but we will see all clearly. God gave us the Holy Spirit so that no thing is hidden and all things are brought into the light for us to clearly understand.

We are to only speak what the Father words, we are to speak the Truth in Love. We are to warn of harm, give wisdom to those seeking it, and to passionately cry out in grief or despair to God when they choose not to be obedient to God.

We are to follow Christ acting in accordance with his actions. Taking whatever action God tells us to for each unique situation.

We are available for Christ to live in us to reach whoever He chooses, whenever He dictates.

Each of us were made to function the same and yet so incredibly uniquely in our commonality. We must seek how we are different from everyone else. Therein is what He designed you to do…better than anyone else – while working together with a heart of gratitude for the other unique people He designed to be part of His body.

Let’s encourage each other, embrace each other, lift up each other….then we will be One Strong Body….made in His Image.

© Candace Huffmaster 2005 All Rights Reserved

May 6, 2011

Journey of the Kaleidoscope Butterfly: Free Will..Who Holds Who Accountable??? Who are Yo...

Journey of the Kaleidoscope Butterfly: Free Will..Who Holds Who Accountable??? Who are Yo...: "As we have studied God does not have a problem with accountability, forgiveness, change or charity. He tells us we are accountable for so m..."

Free Will..Who Holds Who Accountable??? Who are You Holding?

As we have studied God does not have a problem with accountability, forgiveness, change or charity.  He tells us we are accountable for so many things - awareness, trying to the best of our understanding, seeking more understanding in all things toward Him, others and our own inner and outer workings.  When we do this we will be changed by the renewing of our minds moment by enlightened moment.  This enlightened transformation leads to true giving without a thought of our self. 

This is our highest calling and the cause for all things that happen toward us, into us, through us and pouring out of us.  This is what He chooses to be united with and the reason we must be separated to move into his presence in harmony.  So.....knowing that you are an instrument in His harmony, what is your tune?  Have you looked at the piece of music He is orchestrating today.  Watch the conductors hand and follow. 

Write about it this weekend.  I will post some things to spur creative thinking.

My love to each of you - I posted Os Hillmans devotion today for us to think on.

See you soon,

The Value of Words
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman

"And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one." - Matthew 5:36-37

Imagine for a moment that you are living in Jesus' time. It is before Jesus has begun His public ministry. He is a carpenter in your local town of Nazareth. You have asked Jesus to make a table for you. You're on a deadline and you must have it in a week. You agree on the price of $100 for the table and the date of one week for completion. A week later you arrive to pick up the table. You lay your money down on the table and Jesus says, "Mr. Johnson, I am sorry but the table is not ready. I ran into complications. Also, I can no longer honor the price I gave you. It is now $150 instead of $100."

Two years later you hear about this same Jesus who is preaching to the local townspeople. How are you going to view this Jesus? You probably won't give much credence to His message because of your personal experience. Our lives have an ability to reinforce the message we stand for, or they can violate it and make it totally ineffective. This literally happens all over the world in different settings with Christian workplace believers. Our message becomes ineffective because we have not done what we said.

I know people who, when they tell me they plan to do something, I can expect them to follow through about 50 percent of the time. I am sure you have had the same experience. Words and commitments are made with little meaning behind those words. However, I know others who will follow through almost every time. The only time they don't is when something falls outside their control. I quickly learn whose words have substance behind them.
There are times when we are unable to perform or deliver what we promised due to outside influences. The key to turning these potentially negative circumstances into a witness for Christ is communication. If we are unable to pay a bill on time, we must communicate with those we owe and make a good faith effort to resolve it within our means. In these cases, God's purposes are being performed as well if we seek to do the right thing.

Do your words mean anything to those who hear them? Do you make commitments and fail to follow through on them? What would others say about how you follow through? Ask the Lord today to show you how you are doing in this area. You might even want to ask three people who are the closest to you how you fare in this area.

May 5, 2011

I Don't Allow My Heart to be Just Happens!

John 14:1- 6 (NAS) "Let not your heart be troubled:  believe in God, Believe also in Me."  "In my Fathers house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, you may be also.  And you know the way where I am going."  Thomas said to Him, "Lord we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?" Jesus said to Him, "I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

We know that God's word promises that we are told everything in advace in order to not fear.  We also know that we are promised that we do not have a high priest that cannot understand everything that we have been through personally from his own experience.  This is our hope and our confidence which we are warned not to throw away or cast away.  I thank God for Thomas.  No one else asked the embarrasing questions that I need the answers to.  If it were not for his boldness to just put it out there and trust that Christ would not shame him publicly I would be......we'll let's just say in a tough spot for answers in my impatience =D

But as He promised he had already walked this out and witnessed publically to it in John 12.  In John 14 He is simply showing them how to use the knowledge in real life situations.  Let's gleen from that!

John 12: 23-36 (NAS)  and Jesus answered them, saying, " The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.  Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but it dies it bears much fruit.  He who loves his life loses it; and he who hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal.  If anyone serves Me, let himfollow Me; and where I am, there shall my servant also be; if anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.  Now My soul has become troubled; and what shall I say, Father, save Me from "this hour"????? (emphasis mine) "But for this purpose I came to this hour.  "Father glorify thy name," There came therefore a voice out of heaven:  I have both glorified it and will glorify it again."  The multitude therefore, who stood by and heard it, were saying that it had thundered others were saying "An angel has spoken to Him."  Jesus answered and said,  " This voice has not come for My sake, but for your sakes.  "Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world shall be cast out.  And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself."
We will be discussing this as well as the questions from this week in all the tomorrow in group - next week for the other groups and bi-weekly groups the following week.

Also we will be referencing information discussed and the post from 2/19/2011 title:  We Can't be Free Till we Allow Him to Rise.

I pray that your faith not fail you and ask that you pray to not enter into temptation.  I also pray that you go forward with Christ through His trials keeping your peace and firmly rooted trusting His love for you / us always.  For perfect Love cast out fear. And the one that fears is not perfected in Love:  think about it, write about it, pray about it and share!


May 4, 2011

Another Moment, Another Thought, Another Day and On It Goes

Conversations with my Dad
journal entry

Good Morning Dad - Christ - Holy Spirit.... you are so______ I don't have a word Dad so I will move to my knees at your throne.

When I talk to you, sometimes I feel like I am ignoring Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  But I know you are one.  I don't want to get caught up in this thought - but I am curious???? If you desire, whenever you desire would you enlighten me please.  

Daddy, I need time with you.  I am so very vulnerable - okay...I heard you "No, I am not vulnerable because you and you alone keep me from vulnerability!" 

Today would you like to tell them anything?  Me anything? 

Listen - be still.....

My presence is in you - around you
sustaining you, submerging you, merging us
whether you "emotionalize" it or not - that is what you have to know - believe - trust

Whether you feel it or not - it is, because I AM
and we are one; always in all ways
No matter what is going on, what you receive, have or do not have
I AM with you and you are not vulnerable!
But... you have to Believe

At this point if you can not believe without the manifestation of seeing it, then you will never see it
The test is "what you set your hope on"

If your hope is in a place, activity, thing or person  - when you do not obtain that goal or object as you desired / or perceived it should be, your hope goes away.

However, if your hope is in me alone and you do not obtain what ever the secondary hope was - your hope will not be affected because it was only a bonus.

I only hold back I do not stop your hope from appearing - but you must some times be enlightened through the test as to what your "true" hope is on - so that when you are in trouble you will not fear and cast away your hope - which has a great recompense and reward. "Let not your heart be troubled"  "The truth shall set you free" "What the Lord sets free is free indeed"

The reward is to hear "well done my good and faithful servant" and to know you have grown.

When that is enough for you - you are truly maturing into your image of Christ, your head.

Does that make sense?

"Share your experiences with each other, then others will know I care - I AM real and Be Freed!"

Okay~I will for you Lord

There is a story to be told....................

It is the story of what we believe
The faith of the cloud of the witnesses
Our life as one with the King

He has reigned since the beginning
He will reign for all eternity

Each day we weave our stories
through the moments of unending time
the thread of hope will not unravel
the blanket it quilts is LOVE

Journey with me and the others
tell us the moments of your life
Be One with us and the Father
Be a brother a sister to life

Walk the steps of those before us
Reach deep to be touched by their lives
Now take your hand to touch others
Walk with them till they see
How great is His love for them
How Deeply He Desires us to Be Free.

With a Deep, Honest, Passionate and Freely given Love in Him who uphold all things one breath at a time -
To Each Of You,

© 2006 All Rights Reserved by Candace Huffmaster

May 3, 2011

All I Ever Really Wanted Was.......

I now understand why it is so difficult for us to love in a true agape love.  I also understand a bit more deeply as to why we have such a struggle with living within the Zoe Life available to us.  Let me explain what I understand up to this point:

We cannot see clearly because our mind has false images loaded which are used to form our perceptions of reality. If we do not take the time to discern those images – each one of them – then we choose to have miss informed sight. When I asked God to help me understand where I was missing information, or needed correct information to replace false info this was the conversation we had. Bear with me this was many years ago and I had just realized I could hear Him. I am not taking anything out though, you discern for yourselves what is true or false – I pray that God lead you and talk with you in the ways that He knows you will understand.

As always – write about it and we will be talking about it in our next meeting. I am also loading a song to post, if are not able to hear the video I will also post the lyrics.

With love for you all,

Love is what you are and why you created us
Love needs nothing except, for someone to share itself with
Love is highest, above all else, it covers the widest expanse, until it comes back, it penetrates deeper and deeper never running out of ability to keep going higher, deeper, wider
When it comes across something to embrace, it engulfs it, supports it, nourishes it, helps it, without fail; not for any other reason, but because it is
Love needs nothing it just has to go to something because it is meaningless, if not shared
It is lonely without someone to care about, it needs no doors. It’s embracing, kind, it sees all good and helps to overcome
It protects with such power and strength that nothing stops it, it knows no fear
There are no possessions that mean more, than it’s need to love
No home is more important than the need to supply for others it loves
Time is of no importance, because love never ends-whether in the presence of the loved or not, it exists; it is and always will be
It does not speak against itself, it couldn’t possibly harm, because it is not capable- it only understands and gives all. It wishes to lavish, sooth, comfort, stimulate, to be all it can be......
It lifts, smells beautiful and soft, cool and gentle, yet when needed, it is bold and fierce to protect.
It will always stand before harm, but it does not need to own or hold back; it desires others to fulfill their choice.

Love can feel pain, it can be angry when love is betrayed and others are led away to be harmed
But love never turns its back; it will always listen to truth and embrace truth
Nothing can hold back love; nothing can outlast love, nothing can destroy “true love”
Nothing will exist eternally, except love

Love is the common denominator in all good; without love you have nothing immortal within you and nothing to exist beyond the physical moments
Only love is timeless, weightless, priceless, love simply is, because it is God

God said “tell them —I AM”
To me “I am” is the most powerful statement ever written, have you ever thought about it?

I AM ?
I AM !

We with our limitations try to understand
We, until God has matured us, search our sleepless lives to know the answer to this, to complete it
We are turned around going totally the wrong way when we ask, “ Who am I”?

It is simple math
Who = Am + I
I Am = Who
We are in search of the solution
We are, that is the known, but What are we to equate?
We filll it with all sorts of hypothesis and wrong sums, but the true answer is
I Am = I am
We are not "a what"
We are

We are not objects
We create
WE are not things
We obtain and do

What we are – IS, HAS, WILL ALWAYS BE—
But what we are is not perishable
The objects of life will perish – part, separate from Who we are
Depart or Exist
Objects that are not part of I AM, depart from I AM
Because the object can never achieve what IS
The power source gives power and yet is recharged through contactSimple because it is the opposite of IS – IT IS NOT !!!
Direct opposites oppose that is why IT is pushed down the power of the negative forces repels IT away from the positive
Not by anger or hostility but just by presence
IT is not the desire but because IT is unless IS NOT loses the NOT – IT can not rise, have the forces to over come the energy force that IT repells

Anything of this world is made of this world and it stays with this world.

Dust is but dust, all will decay that is in this repelled arena
But when all returns to dust and the negative energy exists no more the positive will be surged to its completeing links
Now, the forces are here , we are connected but it is just too much material to make the better connection. Energy is week but it is not gone. I think as we remove those power drainers from our environment—self
We even here can get stronger connections
But when we feel the lose we have to find the source
Eradicate IT and stay on top of the repelling forces in our environment
I am because I AM
I will because HE IS ... Always
Today, if you hear
Do nto turn away
Let those who have ears understand
Let those who have eyes see
Do not harden your hearts like those in the past
But listen and follow, do as I say

It has all been laid out
Come to me
My Father sent me
that you might know him
By knowing me

I have gone to my Father now so that the spirit can come and give you heightened understanding
You hear , you see, you understand – so must follow
Speak what I say
Do what he says
Go where you are told
Lo, I am with you always
Even to the ends of the earth
Depart from this world
Pick up your cross and follow me

I Am etched in your heart
I Am the words you speak
I Am the only way
I Am life
I Am strength
I AM confidence
I Am charity
I Am love
I Am all you will ever need and all you were created to be
I Am never far from you
I did complete the task
I did win the war
But you my child were created to finish what I started
I began a new quest, the old past away
It is done, but a new beginning was ignited
That is the purose to finish what was started
That will be the end of the age

That was, IS the plan
All power has been granted
All words spoken
All time closed
All purposes drawn
Time does not exist
Only fulfillment
Listen to me, listen carefully....
Come – I am in the wind like a dance of free movement
Even when still, I still exist
Where does the wind begin
Where does it end
The wind carries all, even the things you can’s see
The wind can destroy or it can lift
The wind can force into the ground or it can rise all above
Object can block the wind but they can not stop it

The wind is not selective of what it carries, it carries the good with bad and chooses the destinations of each
The wind does not worry about an outcome, it just continues
The wind does not stop, day or night, season or year
The wind just exists with all its power and gentleness
The wind controls all, nothing controls the wind
Wind and Love are all that Just are, and all that can not be stopped.


I cannot take the heat - this girls goin' home
standing on my own 2 feet - standing alone
I'm just a little weary of - all the talk and all the buzz
and all I ever wanted was - the feeling I had with us

I cannot take the heat - guess I'm letting go
I'm tired of stitching up my dreams - with this thread of hope
A silly believer of - twin hearts and timeless love
and all I ever wanted was the feeling I had with us
the road of life is rugged - any road you choose
when I find the other side - I'll look for you

I cannot take the heat - and so I'll say goodbye
A million things I never said - and didn't even try
cause words are cheap and sometimes cruel
and stuff we hear is seldom true
And all I ever wanted was the feeling I had with you
yeah all I ever wanted was the feeling I had with you

May 2, 2011

What Do You Want from Me?

Conversation With My Dad
journal entry

What do you want from me?????  Expectation, guilt shame.......
Dad the thoughts come so very fast, what do YOU have to say to me  - to them?

I simply desire to "BE": with you, in you - abiding - working in harmony.
Lift this......."No you lift it - but not to carry; to lie it down - then pick up my yoke and be bound to that!"
But aren't I - I mean yoked to you....always in all ways..................?
Do I take it off and not notice, because your yoke is so light????? Is it the struggle to pick it up all the lifting which is breaking my back???

Please help me make understanding of all this - I cannot comprehend the things of you...without you!
I believe in you, I trust in your love for me.  I know it is true that you will never leave me or forsake me.

What do you want from me?!?!
What do you expect?
My efforts appear useless
My heart feels great weight
burdened by guilt that I cannot comprehend
The shame of lost efforts
Wrap their arms to approach my ear
Each word creeps in close
Blocking much needed light.....

Give an inch.....
Take a mile.....
Give and take......
The war divides.

Keep you peace!
Guard your heart!
Use your mind,
     to see the fight.

Hold your words
    till the spirit speaks.
Fold your hands
   to stay on your feet.

Give an inch....
Take a mile....
Give and take
The war divides.

Flesh and blood
   not meant to fight.
the battle ensued
    is supernatural ground.

To rightly divide
the spirit prevails
faith veils your eyes
to not walk by sight

Your face I follow
Your truth is my lead
My spirit is willing
Through trust we succeed.

After I wrote this I heard him say:
You have not yet chosen to pick their yoke up.  This is simply the warning before the storm begins - please stay here in the garden.....Let the spirit win!!

After I talked to God about all this I looked beside me on the table and my bible was opened to Psalms 19 after reading it I just had to giggle.  Today think on all this - write down anything that you might even slightly think you have picked up which is not yours to be hitched to.  Ask our Dad about it, He promised to not hide anything from us.  But we have to be willing to hear what he has to say.  Sometimes that is the hard part!! He usually talks to us about ourselves asking us to leave others up to Him!

Psalms 19 helped me out this morning as well - so I post it here for you too. (GWT)

For the choir director; a psalm by David
The heavens declare the glory of God
and the sky displays what his hands have made
One day tells a story to the next
One night shares knowledge with the next
without talking
without words
without their voices being heard
(Yet) their sound has gone out into the entire world
their message to the ends of the earth
He has set up a tent in the heavens for the sun
which comes out of its chambers like a bridegroom
like a champion, it is eager to run its course
It rises from one end of the heavens
It circles around to the other
Nothing is hidden from its heat
The teachings of the Lord are perfect
They renew the soul
The testimony of the Lord is dependable
It makes gullible people wise
The instructions of the Lord are correct
They make the heart rejoice
The command of the Lord is radiant
It makes the eyes shine
The fear of the Lord is pure
It endures forever
The decisions of the Lord are true
They are completely fair
They are more desirable than gold, even the finest gold
They are sweeter than honey, even the drippings from a honeycomb
As your servant I am warned by them
There is a great reward in following them

Who can notice every mistake
Forgive my hidden faults
Keep me from sinning
Do not let anyone fain control over me
Then I will be blameless
and I will be free from any great offense
May the words from my mouth and the thoughts from my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord, my rock and my defender.

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