October 27, 2014

Discover What You Follow

There are so many things through out our lives which express everything God tells us to be looking for.  There are no new idea's under the sun, only things which we discover or see differently than before.

To want to lead something is a very precarious position.  In order to lead we must be able to put our own selfish ambitions down, or God himself will break us down.  The reason is to protect others from going into harms way.  Ultimately this also protects us from receiving the penalty for harming others.  But much of the time, unless stopped (as we discussed yesterday) we are oblivious of our own distorted striving.  We want our desires to be something special and helpful.  Thank God for intervention and the compassionate helpers He places along our paths. We all have them, and will continue to have them.  Will we take off our blinders and give thanks, even encourage them to continue .....maybe in time give back into the work God is doing, in some way?

I inserted this clip from the Andy Griffith Show for you to make your own observations.  See if you can relate it to another scene spoken about in the bible.

Many, many times we have discussed our own conflicts, resolutions and view points.  So we are not going there again today.  But I did want to share a view point from Doctors Henry Cloud and John Townsend, an excerpt from their book How People Grow.  It really does clearly state the goal we set forth in our work and personal journey.

If we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, all the things we are looking for will be provided.  But as we have also seen, this is not a one-step dance.  Seeking God first means that we know him as the God of grace who is for us.  He is the one who will provide what we need, and we must give up our own self-help programs.  But we can't just have him and have it all done.  We also have to be changed into people who can produce the fruit of the life we desire, and we do that by finding his ways and learning to live them.
God is not only a God of grace  He is also a God of truth.  And getting well means that we have to discover a lot of truth and follow it. Seeking righteousness truly does bring it full circle.  And that is not some sort of religious mumbo jumbo any more than to tell and airplane designer that he must seek the laws of physics.  If he does not know them and apply them to his work, the plane is going to crash.
Life and righteousness are exactly like that.  Life is designed with laws that govern relationships and success.  Laws govern healing and growth.  For those "planes" to fly, we have to learn the laws that govern them.  Seeking righteousness is not at all a religious trip.  It is about learning and becoming life itself, and in the end the "right" way is the only way.  ~ from How People Grow ©

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May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, keep us in and through all our travels.


If anyone wants information or to purchase their book, I added the link below.

How People Grow - Cloud / Townsend book store link

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