August 28, 2014

Just Between Me and You

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Some days I really get a good laugh at myself.  Anyone that knows me very well can vouch for this statement: Not just anybody could deal with being inside my head. What lead me to such a random opening for our topic, you might ask?  Thanks for the lead in......

I was doing my morning thing: reading emails, drinking coffee and making notes for work all while conversing with God, really praying in my head as I went about and making more notes.  Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks as if I had an epiphany.

Putting everything down, I walked out onto our screened-in-porch asking, how can I hear you, that just does not even make sense. And yet...I know I do.  Of course, I did not wait for an answer; we all know I talk way too much.  Continuing on I asked, "does everyone hear you like this( itty bitty pause) and if not why?" Seems like a reasonable question, right?

He very quickly spoke up, I'm sure for obvious reasons.  And now I know how Peter might have felt after addressing a few of his great questions to Christ.  What He said was this:

"That is really no concern of yours, now is it?" " What do you think you would do with that answer?" " Do you think I would want you to be able to tell another person exactly what "their relationship" with me should look like?" " It is personal" "If they want to know, they will simply have to do the same and ask me their self; won't they."

It was as if I felt him pat me on the head and grin sweetly, letting me know He was not disturbed by my questions, nor did He want to make me feel as if I should not ask another.  Instead, I felt as if He prompted it for another "teachable moment".

In the past, I hid the fact that I conversed with Him as if I was "just thinking to myself".  But then I realized, how wise it was to no lean on my own thoughts. Heavens knows where the originating source of some of THAT came.  After all God does strongly warn us not to lean on our own understanding - to cast down high thoughts which come against His truth and many other things. (search the archives if you want to go down that rabbit hole)

Anyway, what I think is most important to take away from all this is not exactly what He said; but I assume knowing me well, He knew me and my many words would say this to you:

Do not allow anyone else to determine your relationship with the Lord, or tell you what His love feels like to you.  Do not allow anyone elses experience limit what the Holy Spirit has going inside of your life.  Instead, tell everyone what is real to you, where God shows up and says I am here for you.  Believe instead that He is thrilled, delighted and knows exactly what is being developed.  After all it is personal; He created you and perfectly formed you to relate with Him, based on His designs. And He will carry on that relationship in the way that best fits who and how YOU are - He does not expect you to understand how to perfectly relate with Him.

Maybe it was not just me He wanted to talk to about that - if it was, as always now the whole world knows my silly questions.

Be Free to Be.....just BE....

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