May 9, 2014

Take A Do Over, But Do It Differently

…..But God

Watercolor by Candace Huffmaster

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God; those whom he has called according to his plan.   Romans 8:28 GW
We know that God did not create us to be weighed down by fear and doubt; He created us for good things!  All He asks of us is to take a chance, cast down all false imagination and believe He will under gird ALL success.  Not because of how faithful we are, because of how faithful He is.  Not because of our great abilities, but because He has a desire to be seen in our weaknesses as we show our confidence in Him to step out even when we know we will probably flail. 
The next time you think, “But I’m not smart enough, skilled enough, well known enough…..”, remember, "But God IS!" So take a do over.  This time allow it be a new thing He’s doing in you; He will be honored!
Kisses to you all,
©Candace Huffmaster 2012, updated 2014 
All Copyrights Reserved
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