April 30, 2014

It's Not Me, It Must Be You

If God said it is not good to be alone, why are committed relationships so gut wrenching in comparison to our extra-curricular relations.

Why do we make meaningful promises with a good intent and yet so flippantly forsake our own words. We are aware that we are pummeling hopes, dreams, commitments and compromising our loved ones abilities to painstakingly not retaliate in an evil way. But more significantly, they must continually attempt to trust in God and love well.

God's desire is for us to run under His wing.......will we?

God is not a masochist; He knows we cannot uphold relationship commitments by sheer grit.   We are made in His image; and we are ABLE to do this …..Because He lives.  Don’t miss this: If we could do it without God, then He would not get to be intimate with people.  Not physically, because He doesn't have a body like ours. He created a loop hole though; He lives in this world now INSIDE us! 

Again, don’t miss this:  It is not US who won’t leave people destitute.  It is God within us; we simply must allow His will to mature us. Our weak willed spirit cringes at the thought of having to put up with all the icky, sticky, goo of close relationships. God said He wants to wrap us under wing...some people would think that is terribly suffocating!

I had someone say to me once, “ I won’t leave you ........destitute.”   It appeared that they felt this should be something to trust, as if it could possibly sow up the deep wound they caused and numb my pain/suffering.  I said to myself, “Do they not realize destitute means left forsaken.  We have discussed many times that we can only do our part – this is the reason God tells us, “Be at peace as far as it depends on YOU.”  

No one can repair or reconcile a relationship without a reciprocating “you” involved; agreed?  If someone does not desire peace “with others” then they only desire comfort for them self.  The reason we get confused at times, is because some of the things others receive comfort from happens when they comfort us.  Maybe this is the reason for all the proverbs in regard to the deceptions of our feelings.  

 Comfort is the nemesis to maturity, especially in our maturity within Christ’s body. God desires to lavish His love on everyone.  But as we see, not everyone wants to receive real love.  Who knows all the reasons why they find it terribly uncomfortable to stay close, really let others in.  Sometimes they find it too hard to keep distance and leave.   It does hurt and it even harms them, us and anyone else entangled. And, it deeply grieves the Holy Spirit, but they find all this easier than allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to work for them...And God keeps trying anyway.

We cannot force peace because then it is not kindness, it is controlling.   Do not allow yourself to be verbally bullied either, you are a peacemaker; not a mute point.   If you are attempting to relate with immaturity (or call it whatever you wish) it will repeatedly verbally and sometime physically desire to push you out the door, so to speak.  We do not have to take part in destroying relationships, but to not speak the truth in love also destroys intimacy.  

And lastly, remember:  With God as your witness, in all you say and do…..simultaneously you are His witness that He is alive and well in YOU!    This is why where Christ is there is liberty, so honor your commitments – Don’t leave God forsaken!

In Love with Christ, Kisses,

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