March 11, 2014

We Just Do Not Think Alike, No Common Intersts

Matthew 16:23 But He turned and said to Peter, " Get behind me Satan, you are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God's interests...but on man's.

We have so many opinions, mantra's, spiritual insights and mandates constantly forcing their pings toward our  present state of mind.  It is as if they are stoning us if we do not align with them at times.  Those who cast stones, and sometimes it is us, need to consider our strength, aim and how we are poised in relation to others.

We can be honest with ourselves but unless our core thoughts are pure our clarity does not equate with purity in any way.  For instance:

  • We all desire to beheld as glorious; but we do not necessarily allow our self to be glorified.  
  • We all desire for God to grant us His power, but not necessarily to perform within His power for the glory of His Kingdom.
  • We all pine for the justice of the Lord to come rescue us from evil, but we rebel when His justice is toward us.
If we are disciplined by God it is because we are His children.  Those of us who are known by God, are known because we know His son.  It is has nothing to do with if: we know His commandments; we know how to keep His commandments pretty well; we know most of the bible stories and their main characters; we listen to Christian music; we have know preachers; we go on mission trips or pray 10 times a day.  The ONLY reason we are known is because we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We can only have this intimate relationship through the fullness of the words He spoke.  

How close of a relationship do each of us have?  Will we bend just a little to coerce another...... Will we do good to be seen and justify.....Will we hate when another hold us accountable.......Can we be honest before there is ever a consequence felt by us......Can we be joyous if goodness is not extended or acknowledged.....Can we continue by only faith to persevere.....Can we stand up amidst a seated congregation, to honor Him as if we are engulfed within a crowd?

These questions are private, intimate and quiet personal.  They are not for us to share here, but between you and your Lord.  If you are early on in the process of sanctification do not fret, it is a Holy sojourn.  You may be at the sweet place of feeling those first few spiritual grievances which alert you of His presence.  Where ever you are just remember, He is with you for one soul purpose: giving you the common interests of God~ not man.

Today, if a someone meaning to inspire you encouraged you to seek out life by way of this avenue: To thine own self be true, we might sit with it and attempt to fit it in with scripture.  However, we must be aware that we already are a slave to please our selfish wants at the cost of what is eternally holy, lovely and pure.  As we walk intimately with the Lord He will shift our understanding allowing us to glean experiential knowledge of the who we are striving to be true to: The selfless son of God.

To the selfless One be true and May the peace of God be fully received by each of you today ~ share with all abandon!



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