January 21, 2014

My God, My Needs

Question, have you ever heard this verse:  My God shall provide all my needs according to His riches and glory?

Personally, I hear it all the time.  I even hear it in my own thoughts when I feel like I want something or am afraid.  It is at that point when I have to stop and remember the truth.  The true, unchanged word of God really states: My God shall provide all YOUR needs according to His riches and glory IN CHRIST JESUS.
I paused to day long enough to examine the subtle nuances taking place in the piece of truth this morning. What I have more than final answers are a few thoughts we must ponder and reflect upon:

  • Who is your God? 
  • Is there any lasting riches or any righteousness to pour out of Him?  
  • Do you work for what you want and obtain the desires of your flesh, or do you enjoy what He alone has poured out and care for it with gratitude toward His gift?
  • Do you treat His wealth as disposable?
  • Do you cling till the good things slip through your finders as sand?
  • Do you dig and dig for more till the hole is over your head?
Proverbs 11:24 tells us there is one who scatters and yet increases all the more. And there is one who withholds what is due and yet only wants more.  Take notice this day: Who is YOUR God? Look deep beneath your surface, see if there is anyone you are caring for.  If all you see are your desires to have, to hold, to obtain....then realize the face in the reflection is a small g when announcing the riches of your god.  Your god wants his glory to be seen in you not found in Christ Jesus.  

I had to take that a look (below) this is who I found ~ but it wasn't always His face I saw.....I pray if this is not the God providing for your needs that you RUN.....and never look back!


If I had not been called
I would not know how to answer
If I had not opened the door
He would not have had entry
If I had not have welcomed Him
He would not have stayed
If I had not have asked
He would not have answered me

If he had no patience with me
I would not be able to share of His love
If I had not needed His encouragement
He would not have made it available

If I had not experienced hardship
I would not have known that I needed Him
If he did not let me face the pain of my choices
I would not have known hardship

If he had no boundary's
I would not learn love and grow

If I did not turn to Him
I would never know peace

If I never desire to know His peace
I would never get to know my Lord

My Lord loves through teaching, embracing, encouraging, sacrificing, giving
He gives abundantly, strength and peace

The strength to face the task
And the the peace to mentally stay focused

There are so many qualities of His love, we have a tendency to only consider the ones that we can hope to accomplish in our own strength.

Until we truly seek our Sheppard, we have absolutely no means to gain understanding; because it is through conversing with Him that He grants us His visions ad understanding.

He desires to increase us because He has massive amounts to accomplish.  We have to be still and empty our lives of our "selves" in order to be filled with Him.  He dwells among us in any form that will give Him room.  He is not one, He is many....He is abundant....He is everyone that wishes to love Him!

He is patient, kind, understanding.....
He is rich, poor, every race and language.
He is every size and every age.....
And He wishes us all to love deeply, tenderly, openly, honestly, truly, passionately, eagerly, genuine....
But mostly ~ freely ~ with wings that can carry and cover, lift and give light.

Together.....we are ONE....we ARE complete ~ we are Christ.

If you believe in God...I ask that you also believe in Christ Jesus - let Him serve YOU and from that wealth know you have so much more than you will ever need ~ now when you believe, you too will be able to give from your abundance in Christ Jesus.

For His glory....forever in Christ.

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