January 16, 2014

Go! And Don't Look Back!

Yesterday we were speaking about "Getting Back in the Saddle".  It is all well and good to brush our self off and get the leg up there, but where would we go if we did not have solid directions.  Most of us would giddy-up just to get away from anyone who might be able to rib us about our fall.  But when our sense of self was restored......what would happen to us?

We are told that the Lord is always with us to show us the way out.  Somehow, someway, mightier than any illustrated action hero God always shows up for His children.  My studies caused me to pause and prayerfully ask: But what about all your children Dad? 

If the Lord says move, will you know to ask Him "Where to?" Will you realize that He said move? Will you desire to gather "things" prior to hitting the road?" We are fortunate that the Spirit of the Lord is not just near us, as it was for those prior to Christ Resurrection, He is even in us.  Some of us still need to see and hear from a physical source, like Lot for instance:

Genesis 19:17 And it came about when they had brought them outside, that one said, "Escape for your life! Do not look behind you, and do not stay anywhere in the valley; escape to the mountain, lest you be swept away."

Isn't it ironic that Abraham's nephew was named Lot and the reason for him being in Sodom and Gomorrah was a lot of stuff? God did not rescue Lot's stuff though, He delivered Lot because He remembered Abraham.  Lot's wife however did not want Lot or the Lord as much as she wanted "things". 

God does not need our things to provide for our future.  He gave us what we currently have through a variety of means.  He can and will continue to accomplish caring for us, as HE chooses best.  We need God, but in our comfort of His gifts we diminish the relationship.  We usually, unless pushed see our selves as "self preserved", with a helping hand from the "big guy". We choose to see that we did it and are sustaining, building, giving etc from our own "good things".  Of course we throw God's name out there to "share" in our glory - it IS the right thing to do after all.

God, however, sees "stuff" only as a means to be seen, to get peoples attention and focus.  He is all things: all matter is nothing but particles of His fullness. He desires us to see HIM, not His THINGS. When we see everything through the heart of the giver, we have the real gift: Appreciation of the Lover.  This is why He gives away the right to control us: He wants us to HAVE freedom. 

Freedom is not obligated or entitled, it is compassionate, patient, gentle with those who are still maturing.  God is not reactive to our bad behaviour.  He protects us by not changing His truth.  We need to see the material things, whether they be physical items or daily experiences, in order to know that God is Exactly as He tells us.  When we "come" to know Him, we will know to be listening for Him within all these "things".  Then we will hear Him when He speaks to us; then we will wait on His direction because we trust His Love for us.

Look around you and see how much He love you today.  But realize that His best gifts will not be found in the material items.  His BEST stuff is the love that lasts forever.  So look up, open your mouth and praise Him.  I believe at that moment you will see Him in someone He placed right in front of your very eyes ~ What a beautiful Thing.

Forever in the Lord God ~ Kisses,

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