December 21, 2013

Gifting Stress

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. 

When thinking about Christmas, we think about presents. Many of us stress about “the gift”. The more we love someone, or the more we have at stake, the harder it becomes to articulate all that into a physical object which will appropriately express our feelings. There are so many things both real and intangible which cause us to have anxiety, when gift giving. We become consumed with what to give, who is giving; will we exchange, will it be equal and will anyone feel overlooked.

As good as it feels to be given accolades for being the best gift giver, we all must admit that receiving an awesome present usually feels better. We know God tells us it is better to give than to receive , but it is not for that reason.  It is for a righteous reason, because as we bless another we receive blessings and God receives glory. The reason God is glorified is because when we give, we are joining with Him as He blesses a precious loved one.

As the verse above reminded us "Every" good and perfect gift comes from Him. This helps us better understand that the focus is really about receiving gifts and bringing Glory to our Father. We can never out give God because what He gave is pure love. He gave unto us the perfect unblemished love. He did not wait for us to ask for it or even understand it was available. He just freely gave it, because He desires us so.

Precious gifts are expensive, they demand sacrifices to be made from the giver. What God gave us, He gave sacrificially and it cost not only Him but the one He loved dearly. The very one He loved dearly had to sacrificially join God in the giving in order that this highest, most excellent gift could be obtained. Christ became our gift, and the physical expression of Gods love to us.

But what about "with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change". God asks us to give from the heart. He also tells us to protect our hearts above all else, because up from it flow the issues of life. God is the same, yesterday today and tomorrow; in Him there is no lie, no shifting shadows.   It is the quality of the content within our hearts, flowing out, which sets the value of our gifts. The beloved receiving this true gift will never be able to equate its value in worldly measurements.   And that is the best gift anyone could hope to be adored in the eyes of their beholder; above all else!

This Christmas, may we all examine our "gifts"  and give honor and Glory our Lord, Jesus Christ!


By Candace Huffmaster

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