August 23, 2013

What Are You Certain Of?

In my opinion the overuse of the word certain is rather moronicle, in regard to any thinking person. Even our judicial system uses the coined term "reasonable doubt" to affix certainty to crime convictions or acquittals.

There are many reasons for this.  The definition will clarify several with out further discussion:

  1. fixed, settled ~ as in a percentage of profit
  2. of a specific but unspecified character, quantity or degree ~ home having a certain amount of charm
  3. dependable, reliable ~ a certain remedy for a disease
  4. inevitable ~ the certain advance of age
  5. incapable of failing: destined ~ used with a following infinitive ~ certain to do well
  6. assured in mind or action ~ certain they are right
  7. as a certainty: assuredly ~ the cause is not known for certain (this one I am certain is a good definition ;)
We have been speaking about God advising us NOT to lean on our own understanding.  We discussed that everyone has opinions, however that does not mean they have wisdom or understanding.  We mentioned the need for experiential knowledge; listening to those who have taken the step upon the morsel they are conjuring up as truth and it under girding the weight of reality.  Let's now go deeper, will it uphold them.....or will they have to keep it in place?  Stick that thought in your pocket for later.

The Greek word Bebalos means firm.  It is from baino meaning to go.  In addition to firm it means fixed, sure and certain.  Figuratively it defines an object, not a person upon which someone may  build, rely or trust.  This "object" we would have certainty that it would not fall, it would be immovable and we could rely on it. 

God tells us that there will be times when we will be scared, confused, pressed on all sides and not know where to turn.  He did not leave us confounded but assured us that we were never alone; he would always be with us to show us the way of real life.

In regard to the wise counsel:  God tells us those of you who are Spiritual to restore a brother or sister in gentleness; but watch yourself and don't fall prey to temptation.  We will study this later as well.

We all know others we believe to be much more mature in Christ or more "spiritual" than we are; but how can we be CERTAIN? Again, this is what we discussed last week.  2 Peter 1:10 is where we will pause to meditate, along with the surrounding scriptures the rest of this week:

Therefore, brethren, be all the MORE diligent to make certain about HIS "calling and choosing" you; for as long as you "practice" these things you will NEVER stumble. 

The importance of this "step" we are taking is to think about the things we say we believe to be certain and true.  The reason this is imperative is because these things are our non movables, our markers or battle line and ultimately the trip cord triggering propelling faith or fear.

Remember the reason for your hope ~ your Salvation through Christ and that if God be for us there is none whom we should fear.

In Him, Forever

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