August 9, 2013

Porcelain Soldier, updated

Porcelain Soldier

With images shattered all around me
In my midst there's nothing real that I can see
What I believed to be there is no longer standing
Yet here I stand to reach and try to cling

Like a porcelain soldier in the open unprotected
The truth attacked, needing only one direct blow
Suddenly the beauty of my facade splintered
And a cold darkness unknown to me appeared
My mind, my heart and limbs now shaking
As each shard tempted my tender trusting soul

What is real?  I feel my senses spinning!
Who speaks without a solid form?
Alone, my face is the only image
But other voices creep in as beneath a door
Their words, while persuasive are unfamiliar
Not at all like the mighty soldier I trust and adore
Why has He vanished when I need Him?
How can I protect my fragile form?
He would remind me of His protection
He'd explain the real depths of my pain

Now all I hear mocks, casting images
What they say, is to see He doesn't care
I shut my eyes and believe He's in my presence
I have faith that He is able to meet my need
I remember that I am a broken soldier
With many shattered pieces in my midst
I believe He will not abandon my position
Thought I'm fractured, He is able to restore all things
Then these cold callous taunts will be forgotten
Beyond the tortured forms I'll find my peace

I hear Him cry out, His spirit grieving
When it rests, my soul breathes deep
His voice rolls in, upon it pleasure
"Love now more than they're able to receive"
"Show them things, which raise their interest"
Trust and move even when you can't see
Just stand still when you cannot see me
Always remember your heart is in me

No matter how strong the forces are feeling,
He promises He reckoned the wrath of all things
Why, I still can't fully fathom........
So I live, love and cry..... but not for me
These tear fall for the bound, blind and hurting
Who trust in the shadow of what they perceive
My prayer is they reach out beyond the shadows
To find within vapors theres nothing to cling
To embrace His breath rushing in toward them
To be forever propelled by His grace

We love because our soldier first loved us
But He came, He fought hard and went away
He is not gone, His form uphold us
He is not bound like earthen vessels of this world
His body is not fragile like a porcelain soldier
Thought He too was broken, He was fully restored
It is in His Spirit my soul finds respit
And upon His holy ground all victory's are won.

By Candace Huffmaster

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