April 27, 2013

What I Love About Men....

Being a woman, I have to say I love men.  So many things about them are so wonderful.  Any woman can find a man, but to have a man find you....really see you, is the real find.

But back to topic "What do I love about men ........hmmmm.....
I love the way they protect as if nothing can penetrate their strength.  I love the way they smell....rugged or fresh and clean.  I love the way they feel....even in the thick roughness I find wonderful bliss.

When they grasp things firm in their grip, I feel anything can be lifted, opened or held back.  To have a man be for me....before me in all of my ways, I feel is a blessing from heaven of God's love.  To hear a man laugh with great joy, from their deepest internal peaceful place, is a sound as if there's no worries in life. I feel tucked safely from all of harms ways.

To feel their strong hand be gentle as it controls, how their fingers stroke delicate skin.....
To have their chest, heart beating underneath, so my cheek feel the perfect temperature of their skin....

To be in a crowd filled with people, conversing and enjoying their day; then catch a glimpse of my beloved and notice how I'm within his view.  That even with these in our midst, it is I who brings him infectious delight.

When a man knows my best love is held and that he is whom I adore.  To see that this brings him pleasure and He feels blessed to be the object of my love.  When conversing with others about life, to hear no weighted complaints pass his lips. In this humble strength I feel secure and am nourished to grow and give more.

When I finally catch myself rambling, about hopes, possibilities and grand things; feeling silly to have let them all out.  Then to see the expression on his face, as if I'm more radiant to dream such sweet dreams.

When they attempt to lift further up,  higher than I could ever possibly reach; because they are so strong, tall and concerned, that my hand touches without harming vulnerable parts.  When they try things that are awkward at best, without pretense, defense or any blame; to share in another special time, to experience that I am not a useless friend. 

These are a few things I love.  They bring me great joy and deep peace. Though all man is here to find love, only one man may call these his own.  O, for a man to call these things good, he's a man that has found what God says is good.  And a man that see good has found love and this love can endure all other things. 

In this man a woman will experience faith, not defer hope and believe she is loved.  But the greatest of these is His love which manifests and makes them one.

God knew what He was creating by creating man for us to love - and I'm glad ;)

Have a great Saturday!

1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.

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