February 13, 2013

No More Tears

O GIVE thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His mercy and loving-kindness endures forever. ~ Psalms 107:1 Amp

There are days when our tears fall like rain, and usually in those hours we do not have anyone around to tenderly wipe them away and tell us things will soon be okay.  If you have never had one of those days, I pray to God that you are able to leave this world without experiencing one.  But if your life has had moments like mine, then I pray you will find encouragement in the psalm below, it is the reason for my hope; always…………..

In the stillness of these moments I still my own thoughts and plans, by laying my heart, mind and muscles at the feet of your precious thrown. Spill out your desires upon me; let your divine will be known. Then strengthen me, give me courage to live today no longer bound.  Only your truth will keep other things away.  Only when the words which I speak are our words, will my eyes see your glory brightly shine. 

You are, unto me, a strong tower; not a stronghold which grips till I break.  But a place, with open arms I can run into; with a blanket of love willing to embrace.  You wipe every tear with your right hand.  Your kindness, as I cry builds my trust.  Your patience to listen till I’m spent is so gracious; you endear me to be honest with my thoughts.

The tender way you speak of my troubles and the promises of never turning from my face, let me know that of me, you are never dismayed.  Why do I choose to prefer other; their opinions, their demands and their shame?  Why do I listen to their judgments and then allow them to boldly lock me away?  Why will they disguise themselves as “loyals” and my eyes not perceive their lofty plans? 

You say to be innocent as doves,  but to be aware of the crafts which ensnare.  You dwell with us each and every moment; your presence always tells us the truth.  You set before us all pathways; you implore us to listen and discern.  You said that the enemies were prowlers, they encroach so they must be really close.  You tell us to not be defensive, using futile weapons of fear.  You tell us that this battle is much higher, it is within and surrounding every hour. http://www.just1word.com/#!/bible/verse/psalms_3:1?version=amp

These things I know are truly spoken, for those you desire to be saved.  You tell us to pray without ceasing: to implore, come together and have faith; to see beyond our raised emotions and to want beyond a payment we can feel.   You ask us to make the tough decisions, so that others see integrity and our trust.  You ask us to do the impossible and to not give in when the going gets tough.  You ask us to rely on your mercy, when the judge and the jury all surround.  You tell us to walk out the right way and to keep peace as we exit their courts. You tell us the angels will come minister, to us they will comfort and provide. Others will fight the vicious battles, so we do not have torment in our heart and mind. 

I plead with you based on your character, to change me to align with your will.  The ways this world teaches will break me, and I have nothing left not touched by its hand.  You promise they will press but not crush me; and then the end will surely come.  So today my heart cries out, “Hosanna”! “Dear Lord, God of Armies please come”!  I know we all have our moments, so keep these hopes and truths close at hand.  Bend low in the trust that He is running toward us and they are running off the cliff as the swine!

Be of God’s good cheer; our Lord is not slow…..He is just!


·         Links are for applicable bible references if you desire to go deeper.


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