December 19, 2012

Why Do We Ask?

I don't know about you guys but I listen to many people asking many questions each day.  To top it off I have my own stack of thoughts to sift through and process.  I have been thinking about what determines if we ask a question or not.  What are we looking for?  Here is where my processing started around the end of October:

Right and wrong (or sin) is not mysterious, it is simple.  James wrote it something like this: For him that knows the right thing to do and doesn't do it, it is sin (or wrong).  So many times we search the bible, ask others, google and what not wanting to know if we are thinking / doing something right ....or wrong.  It is like we want permission to prove that we are "OK".

The problem is, God says we devise things in our heart.  The holy spirit searches our heart and God judges the heart of a man.  He knows our intent because He knows our very thoughts.  Many times people speak but I cannot figure out what they are asking me - because they are attempting to retrieve a specific answer which I am not producing for them.  Usually it is after someone does something or receives a consequence when we rhetorically state "What were you thinking!"  It would not do us any good in most of these situations to ask someone "What are you thinking?" as a preemptive measure.

Are we looking for opportunity to please God or an opportunity to fee our flesh?  I was thinking about it like this:

If we treat God's word as if it were an album (vinyl) and we are the DJ spinning, scratching (and what ever other terms they use) playing only the parts we desire for our entertainment pleasure then there is a problem. If I were a DJ spinning His word, I pray that I'd freely spin the fullness of His truth.  God knew we'd be making mix tapes with His original recordings, so He warned all other artist about cutting or adding to His original mix.

He also says that His word started this party and will take us through all eternity.

So, what is your question?  What answer are you looking for? Why do you ask?  What do you want?
God's got a word for you - ask Him, He will answer - I promise!


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