October 25, 2012

How Does God Show Off?

What I am about to state should not be an epiphany for me, but it kind of is. I mean, it isn't as if I were unaware of the deeper meaning underneath the layers of each higher understanding. However, the truth of the matter is, in my own nature I get a bit self reliant...????......maybe confident ????? in my own newest heights of revelation.

Not that at any point I think I am responsible or may take any credit for achieving it, but somehow comfortable enough to let down my guard................And then the crouching one POUNCES!

We have been speaking of Chaos and Order, Standing Firm and Not Shrinking Back. We do not keep our head low in fear, but we bow down in self - there is a difference! (We will be starting up that staircase next week. ) I have been reflecting on years, Years and YEARS last month to now. God isn't finished with my review yet, but soon .....God, I pray soon ;) He will be......finished with this layer of ME.

One thing He wanted me to be sure to share is from this older post entitled Show Me, Lead Me, Complete Me. Most of my life was spent imploring God to show me something, lead me through something and for GOODNESS sake complete your good work in me; quick before I faint! 
But having NOT fainted I reached the top of these stairs. AND through the doorway there is a whole 'nother scene.....AND it's PURE AWESOMENESS! (not that no one else has ever seen it, I'm just sharing.)
What I can now articulate is this: To each of us that seeks Him above all else in all ways ~ always, He says: everywhere you go, you now show me to everyone. In all you do, you lead me, you lead AS me. But mostly, and this is the awesome part, in all you do you complete Me, My body would never be complete without you.....so thank you for receiving my body as your own. Below is Show Me, Lead Me, Complete Me enjoy it while you PEACE OUT! ~ kisses, Candace


For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. ~ Ephesians 2:10

We have been speaking about entering God’s rest. In the past archives you can find some of our group notes on “states” and “road trips”. We have spoken about the “state of fear”, but we must focus on where we want to live forever; and that is the “state of peace” which is shalom.
The state of Peace is contrast to strife. It is defined as: the object of divine and saving promise, which is only brought about by God’s mercy, granting deliverance and freedom from ALL the distresses we experience as a result of sin.

God gives us new mercy and grace for each day; this is how we have peace. He gives us His gift of mercy for the consequence of the sin and the gift of grace which will positively affect our character while dealing with said consequences.
Peace is a blessing from God. It is that “state” brought about by the grace and loving mind of God wherein the derangement and distress of life caused by sin are removed. This is why God is ever mindful of us. He is not watching and condemning as we spoke about in group Friday. Satan is watching, judging, and condemning us before God. Christ is interceding for us in God’s presence. He did not come to judge us but to give us eternal life.
Please stand on that promise, especially if it appears that all other ground is breaking apart. I can promise you no matter what, HE will remain faithful to you; here is how I can adamantly say that and know it is true:
Back in 2006, I was asking God to radically alter my professional and personal life. I faithfully and dependently requested that He alone show me the undisputed truths of who He intrinsically is. Secondly, I requested that He alone lead me through His process of mirroring him in all my ways; so that others would not have a false image in their midst which would lead them astray. Thirdly, I requested that He alone complete me to not just act and show who He was but to truly completely transform me into His image from the inside out.
That was right at 7 years ago; and even though I had been a Christian since age 7, during those 36 years I did not come close to mirroring Christ on many, maybe even most days. You see, all along the way pieces of my true identity had been given away, taken, lost or replaced with lesser things. I no longer knew where I was or who I was. I think I even questioned, at times who’s I was. I did not feel like I was anyone’s, to be honest. I felt utterly alone!
I do not think anyone who knew me would have had a clue about this. From what others said to me my life looked rather spectacular. These comments led me to guilt and condemnation for feeling as though I was not grateful. But I knew something they didn't, I was living a lie. Not as in I was lying to people, but it was not my life, so in essence maybe I was. Worse yet, in my heart and mind, I knew God knew it and I couldn't take the feeling of His heart breaking by my own hand any longer. But God had to allow me to get to the point where I simply couldn't stand 1 more step on the God awful road I was on before I said “uncle”.
Knowing what I now know, God never wanted me to take many of the steps I took, but neither did He abandon me as I took them. I became painfully aware of His imploring me to turn around in the 80’s. By the end of the 80’s and early 90’s I had turned around completely and radically. But it was not until 2004 that I pleaded with Him to overtake all areas of my life and fully – completely use all things at my disposal for His will and glory.
I had no idea the threshold I walked through or the power which met me, embraced me and engulfed me as I passed through into this new dimension. Honestly, I am sure I still am not aware in total God’s fullness or the heights, depths and widths He will be stretching me. But I am totally in, and I could never, would never turn back.

Kisses C
If you would like to read from my journal with our Dad today click here: And His Bride Says Come
Please sit with God in your thoughts for a few day, keep reminiscing about whatever He leads you to think about. Do it in liberty and grace casting down all things which come against that. May the God of peace through the powerful name of Christ Jesus keep you in all your ways till we meet again – Amen!
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