October 26, 2012

Discerning in Chaos

There are people which say......
Then there are those which will do;
Never, should we ever, confuse these two.

Some people step up for their face to be seen;
Others make a difference by the acts they display;
In each, there will follow, a pattern to discern.........
When peace is not placed, pure chaos consumes!

We must not judge as if they see and perceive
The Lord God Almighty will fulfill our needs.
We must discern, keep our own flesh at bay;
Harnessed to our anchor, lest our emotions make us sway.

With Christ ever present, may we drop all our stones;
While here in His presence He may teach love and lead.
Our High Priest, our Savior, the Risen Son of God;
Our entry into paradise; our home above all.

In the Love of our King, may we each seek His face;
Raising our eyes above the chaos in this place!

Hallelujah, be well and in Peace ~ Always!

©Candace Huffmaster, 2012 All Copy Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc®

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