September 1, 2012

Aren't Two Heads Better?

In group this week, we backed up to review some of our common denominator topics.  We discussed times when people are looking at us as if we have 3 heads as we attempt to explain our point of view.  This brought up our "Examining Table Theory".  Question, isn't the saying "You're looking at me as if I have two (or three) heads.  Yet we have another saying, which is "Two heads are better than one."  Anyway, just another thought about aliens and all......

Many of you have joined us after this topic.  Below is an excerpt from our information:

As always we base our conversations on biblical principles and use real life situations to glean some experiential knowledge.

This was from a time when I was personally trying to resolve conflicts and live in harmony with those in my immediate surroundings. The conversation went like this:

“I am trying to understand some things”. “I have been thinking (no big surprise) about words we use with each other”. “Maybe by expressing what I am thinking, it will bring forth some understanding for us - if we can be honest with each other”.

“We both are intelligent enough to know, that in order to bring resolve, things have to be talked about.” “In my opinion, it is only fair for all individuals to have a chance to put their hurt, understanding etc. on the examining table for looking at and through.” “All individuals should try to search deeply from all aspects as if trying to figure out what the object is. Nothing should be judged at this point only expressed for the most clarity, like a brainstorming session.”

“ Think about it; a relationship is the best abilities of each individual bringing what they have to that table to name that object, find out what it is, what it does, if it is dangerous or safe to keep in their midst.” “Sometimes one person might have more or a different experience with the type of object. But even if they have less experience it does not mean that the each person shouldn’t extend their best understanding or knowledge forward. In fact when we are challenged and open to the questioning of others we must grow beyond our own limits. And in my opinion we should not simply accept what another states if we have no knowledge we should use all our discernment and knowledge to challenge the accuracy of what is being stated as a fact. This challenges the other individuals to think deeper, pull from more sources themselves in order to prove their case. “

“When all this is done in the spirit of helping the environment as a whole survive AND thrive then there should be harmony even if there are differences of opinions”. “ Think about it like this”:

“What if we were aliens and something foreign slipped into our space ship”. “ We would need the best of the best minds available to gear up and enter into the quarantined area as we investigated, probed, charted, challenged the safety of whatever it was”. “Would be open the hatch and throw it out? “Would we poke it and see if it spewed out acid that would destroy our ship – and us? “ “Would we simply keep it quarantined and watch it over time as we search for others to bring forth their expertise because we really had no earthly idea?”

There is a nugget of our last discussion – Journal about some things you have examined and I pray that each of you try to bring your A game to the next project. Please believe in the process of relationships and the value of growth.

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I pray that each of you enjoy your life remembering that we are aliens, exiles, foreigners in this world.  And I give thanks that we are no longer exiles, foreigners and aliens to the Kingdom of God - through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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