July 17, 2012

Leaving Fear, Living Liberated

There is a difference between learning through knowledge and learning through guided supervised application.  I know how smart you guys are so I know you already correlated that to the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life (Zoe life).

Even as smart as I am ;) obviously I do not always see the things I do not yet understand right away.  This is one of the reasons I am so awesomely, humbly, overwhelmingly grateful for the liberty within God's saving grace. 

God never removes His love.  He keeps us swaddled by this comforter woven from threads of mercy, grace, peace, rest, joy, companionship, unconditional acceptance, unmerited favor and much more which I am not even cognisant of yet.  But this I do know, whatever I don't know yet is alright - because He knows everything and He will tell me what I need to know before I need to know it - He promised!

He explained an area which I needed to leave fear and LIVE , really, really live today.  Click here to read what He told me in a bold but surprisingly upbeat manner today; that's our God!  I share because He cared enough to share something knowing He loves everyone just as He loves Christ.  If He shares something with you, would you be bold enough to share it back this way - He will probably tell you something from a different point of view so that we need each other to form a full view.

From what I see, today and every moment forward, all He wants is to be with us and show us His world, as He created it.  He is so excited to show it off; and I am equally glad to be able to see it...all of it.  Won't you come along?

Kisses Candace

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