June 30, 2012

A Hot Mess

Oil Painting: Candace Huffmaster
Title:  A HOT MESS

Since everything that has been made was made by God, came through His power and nothing returns to Him void, how do we ever cross over to the point where we have an attitude of entitlement instead of gratitude?  Often I pause to think about these things.  Sometimes I imagine everything having a power cord, so to speak, which actually comes up from within God as if plugged into Him.  This power cord is like an extension cord which every other thing has the ability to plug into which will generate its light, movement etc.  The cords are also retractable but God just hasn’t pushed the button yet to reel it into Himself. 
Other times I think about what would happen if the “God Generator” were to cut off the current, or not be grounded as to blow all the circuits during an electrical storm.  This leads me to think about the verses which speak of being grounded in His firm foundation and how we live in the protection of His presence through Christ.  2 Peter 3:10 states:

But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare. 2 Peter 3:10

 When I think of this verse in light of those other thought, I think about how the challenges and refinement we go through in life almost short circuit us at time.  I think about His promise that nothing shall in anyway harm us; we are protected from destruction.  It is like His blanket of love is covering us which makes me so humbly grateful for His mercy and grace.  Sometimes it grieves me deeply as I look around.  I know that many of those we interact with and care for might choose not to believe God is real or that His son died, rose and came back to Him in order that we might receive the fullness of His holy spirit.
Those of us who DO believe know God will in creating us was for us to care for and subdue the world around us. Everywhere we turn there are angry, hateful, bitter, deceptive, broken, lonely, hurting, deceived people. Have we spoken truthfully seeking to help them? Have we reached out to cover them with His love? Have we sprinkled our environments as a witness of His presence? Have we paused to have compassion and fervently pray? 
Pause and think: carbon dioxide, salt and blankets put out fire. If there is nothing left but the combustible elements because the blanket of love, salt of the earth and God’s truth being spoken are no longer active, what is left to hold back wrath, judgment and justice? All the works of evil will simply fulfill their desire which is to kill, steal and destroy everything God created!  While the fire is bad news, good news follows bringing fresh new life and liberty.
So today, let’s pray …….let’s step out fully plugged into our source……THE source which gives all His power to save the universe from destruction!
With the Love of our Christ,