May 11, 2012

Perceive the Opportunity

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how deep I go, into striving to understand just one thought stream of God, the layers continue to peel away.  It seems that what I wrote May 2 in my journal was the beginning of a journey onto a new plain.  We discussed the topic "God is faithful to His faithfulness" and what I wrote prior to that I did not post, till now:

We never know the moments, the plans of God.  His ways are so much loftier than our highest ideal.  And yet when crisis comes, do we remember His promises?  If we did we would hold them up and tout them through the airwaves as a shield defying the images and words which hurl themselves into our presence. 

God made sure to forward us that if we do not know Him, we cannot perceive what He can accomplish in our situations.  If we only speak and hope based on our or man's limitations, what real or lasting hope is there?  If we do not abandon the thoughts of destruction in order to believe, without doubt, that His word is truth, what is left to save us? If we are not willing to confess boldly that He alone provides, rescues, restores, renews and transforms then He will not be given the glory for what He has accomplished through our lives.

I am stopping here and over the next week we will be diving into His concepts to discover opportunities.
Please spend time with Him, read His words, ask for understanding and believe....

With Love,

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