April 2, 2012

Picture This.....

The last of Marks story we spoke of, Jesus was going up the mountain.  Joining Him were the 12 He was going to be appointing as the apostles.  Following this, they headed home;  Jesus was tired, hungry, mobbed, heckled and rejected we read.  Mark lead us through the way Jesus handled all this.  He was not walking behind the lead of His human emotions; Just as when the Spirit lead Him into the desert, now the Spirit of God was leading, walking in and through Jesus, which was keeping His vision, motives and ability above all these earthly feelings.  In addition, the Spirit gave Christ a storyline to feed their minds, not to tickles their ears.

Christ gave into the prompting of His Spirit and painted a word picture for them.  Let’s review the facts before we get started: 
·         The crowds were there to be healed from all things inclusive of demons being forced out.
·         The scribes had been following Christ all the way from Jerusalem, they were accusing Him of receiving His strength to perform miracles from Bezel bulb.
·         His own family spoke against saying “He must be out of His mind.”

Christ makes His first stroke with an intense character, someone who had an evil spirit.  He describes the magnitude of chaos which would occur if an individual were to overtake the very life force which enables them and were to force it or rip it out of themselves, cast it outside of their physical body. 
Think about it, we are a physical vessel which gets only 1 spirit.  If we force our only spirit out, we will have no ability to function.  Be very aware (beware) at all times we are operating and empowering either the Holy Spirit or the unholy spirit.  Do not ever doubt that, it’s a very simple reality.
Christ then took his illustration from the individual to the relational view point.  He started detailing the surroundings of the person previously sketched out.  He told them that all the people dwelling together must be of a harmonizing spirit.  Spirits manifest differently from physical forms, they indwell the physical forms they extend beyond that form to interact.  It is then capable of uniting itself with itself from the other piece reaching out from the other vessels within its realm.  This sheds light on the reality of One Spirit being made manifest and the constant spiritual battle between this unified body and the opposing spiritual forces attempting to overthrow it. Realistically, when all individuals are not of the same spirit there will be a constant battle of the wills till death does one part. Relate this to our coliseum topics.
Jesus then details the picture of how the battle would play out.  He spins the tale of how the stronger spirit would bind and overtake the weaker spirit.  At this point the unbound spirit steals all the belongings of the home / vessel it enters.  Do you realize the thief has no interest in ownership of the property?  He simply desires the space to be empty and lifeless.  His job there is done unless somehow this weak individual gets unbound; at which point, he will have to come back stronger in order to get the job done once and for all.
Reflect on the verses from last discussion, we have added a couple to them:
Ephesians 4: 2-6, 27, 28 Be humble and gentle in every way.  Be patient with each other and lovingly accept each other.  Through the piece that ties you together, do your best to maintain the unity that the Spirit gives.  There is one body and one Spirit.  In the same way you were called to SHARE “one hope”.  There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over everything, through everything and IN everything.  Don’t give the devil any opportunity to work – Thieves must stop stealing and instead work hard with their hands so that they’ll have something to share with those in need.

So if we are not willing to “share” the ONE we are the “thief” coming to kill, steal and destroy!  Therefore, we must STOP IT! Or we are against the Holy Spirit!  Christ guaranteed this truth:
People will be forgiven for any sin or curse.  But whoever curses the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven.  He is guilty of an everlasting sin.  He said this because the scribes were accusing Him of having an evil spirit.
His final illustrations were in regard to family – which was radical.  He spun a tale to enlighten them of a way of thinking beyond the storyline this world had lead them to believe.   He said Listen,  just because people are your flesh and blood if they choose an unholy spirit as their life force they are not your mother, brothers and sisters!  Only those the Holy Spirit unites are your mother, brother or sister.
May I ask you,  are you willing to listen believe and follow this way of thinking, empowered by the Holy Spirit?  There will be a cost to your flesh. Are you willing to let it die so that the Holy Spirit can be released from the binds of your strong man? 
Tomorrow we are going to read what was written about all this in Ecclesiastes because it is exactly what Christ is living and speaking to them some hundreds of years later 0 and we are doing the same 100’s of years later

Guess it‘s true, there is nothing new under the sun!
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