March 14, 2012

What Delights Me

Sometimes we are so focused on our story that we forget we are just a character with a bit part within His storyline.  (Just reminding you of our discussions from Deeply and Honestly)  Since we have been intently looking for our storyline, attempting to see our character, I wanted to "bring to remembrance" it is His story which is being told.

So here is nugget for you to ponder today (below).  Discern if you believe it. I pray that you do, that your faith will not fail.  Ask Him for all of the forces of His kingdom to lift you up, encourage your faith in His faithfulness today.  Pray that your faith be increased so that when you are tempted, you will surely be found faithful, even today.

With Love,

What Delights Me

Be hearers of My words
Be Doers of My will
Then My Spirit resounds….
Your actions are made through intent
Returning to Me, my desire
A body which I call My own

My Son came so that you might see
Straight from paradise to take back the keys
From a Father into His Son
My gift was with purpose
And for your eternal good

The blind may now truly believe
The world in which you see
Is not heaven on earth as you think
It is bound and away from me

Be released, even now at this time
With a true faith, which I call Divine
Not in things which you emulate
But my power filled with might by your faith

For the honor and name sake of the Lord
Don't reject My Spirit in your home
Be protective of those whom I've called
Be mindful that, I in them dwell
Be brothers and sisters till the end
For you are and in this there's no doubt

All the walls of division are torn down
When you unlock the chambers of your mind
Then all those prisoners shall be freed
In this there is Liberty indeed

Loose the Love which causes true force
Watch it descend with the grace of a dove
Let it perch on your soul; Let it sing
To share melody’s from the depth of Your King.

So in Love with YOU!

©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copyrights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly™