March 27, 2012

Is Your Mouth a People Trap?

We have been following Mark as he tells us the storyline of Christ, to the best of his recollection.  Last, we were watching as the highly esteemed leaders of the religious community were working themselves into a bit of a tizzy.  It does not make much sense to me, Jesus was only helping people be released from the bondage's of life.  What could possibly be seen as offensive in that?

We know that God's ways are foolishness to the foolish.  God's ways cannot be understood without the clarity given to us by the Holy Spirit.  So IF you or I understand even one thing, we cannot hold it up and tout "look how smart, wise, clever I am!"  The truth is, if we were to give in to His Spirit instead of the spirit of this world we would know all the things of God.  But we won't, we don't and we do not even see that we aren't.  Crazy, isn't it?

Let's hold up a couple of proverbs to compare what we are studying against:

9:7,8 Whoever corrects a mocker receives abuse. Whoever warns a wicked person gets hurt.  Do not warn a mocker, or he will hate you.  Warn a wise person and he will love you.

10:9,12 Whoever lives honestly will live securely, but whoever lives dishonestly will be found out.  Hate starts quarrels, but love covers every wrong.

In Chapter 3 of Mark people were accusing Christ in order to trap Him.  They were attempting to do this by presenting people who needed care.  Christ asked the man to stand in the middle of everyone asking the people to choose the right thing to do.  Knowing their intent, they had to choose to either let a person hurt just to prove Jesus wrong (in their eyes) or help the person because it was the righteous thing to do. 

It states that Jesus looked around but everyone was silent.  He (Jesus) was hurting deeply by their silence because this meant their minds were closed.  Can you imagine his dilemma at this point?  Who do you think was the most in need of a miraculous healing from Christ's view point.  The outwardly in need man who trusted Him enough to believe and come forward or those with a hard heart unteachable, unreachable?

How often do we use our words to snare others?  How often to we set them up to do the right, or even wrong thing in hope of slamming the cell door shut, licking our greedy lips as we say - See, I told you so.
Let's be people who encourage, love, lift, shed light and give them some flavor when life become tasteless.

At least that is my prayer for us all - if it's yours as well, please join me and trust God.  He's amazing you know =D

With Love to each and every one of you - and even those of you I don't know.