February 14, 2012

There is Love and There is Love - Then there is LOVE!

Ponder this verse today - Matthew 24:12 And because there will be more and more lawelessness, most people's love will grow cold.

I don't know if many of you believe that God speaks to people - as for me, I know how smart I am NOT.  So when those gentle, kind, wide and exhilarating words begin forming concepts far beyond my own comprehension I know they stem from something larger than the tangled threads which comprise my own abilities.

All that to say - when this thread of thought began to weave its wonderful pattern as I gleaned from pondering, listening, reading and examining the depths of ~ Harmonize.....then you HAVE harmony ~ I was wooed.....I was WOWED and now I am unfolding its true depths.

I will unfold it a bit for you today:

Think of it like this - A composer has a tune in his heart, he hears it in his head and he desires to share it with those around him.  Not because HE is great - but because the tune he finds is fighting to leave him, surpass him and share itself with others.  BUT how can it be heard if all the composer can do is write it down?  How can it be heard if there is no voice to lift it up? How can it be played without an insturment?  So he writes it down.  He tunes each string attached to the keys, He trains the vocal cords to be in pitch with the insturment.  Then after much orchestration He himself sits down and his limber, skilled, far reaching fingers press down on those keys - and the magic begins.  Now the melody may fill the airwaves, tickle the drums within those heads far and near.  The glory which he heard in his heart and in his mind will enliven their soul and give their heart a beat.

So if you have a tune, that you love to repeat, examine the words listen to its beat.  If the sound you love makes you angry or remember harm, tune your ear higher .....Listen for Love.....

It's all around you.....everywhere.  Simply stop, lift your eyes high above it all and just SEE what you see, then receive what is there.

On this day of Love, BE love for Goodness sake,
With a Kiss and a Hug for you all,