February 8, 2012

Tell Them Things of Passion

There is Love and then there is passion. We can love many things; we have diluted love to the point that anger has more potency. In human terms we seem to perceive love and vulnerable and weak in comparison to anger appearing strong and invincible. God however isn’t human; Love emanates from His presence. There is nothing weak about love it is the pure source from which all other passions flow. In fact it gives a heightened propensity, ability to stay the course and reach the goal without any thought of sacrifice, loss or gain.

Think about it like this. You can appreciate a garden, the delicacy, life and strength all working together to produce a thing of beauty for you to view. These things are fundamental of seeds, environment and harvest etc. Think about how a creators emotions must swoon when the fruit is available after all the work invested.
God appreciated the beauty of the garden; however the thing cherished was not the fruit tree or the fruit. God’s delight was in us, people and those we give life to. He created us in His perfect image.

Think about how it must have felt for people to think they needed the fruit in order to be perfect. We know this side of Eden that the fruit took their perfection away. If as parents we would not be so quick to grow our children up in the ways of the world; If we would long to see that they know truth to protect their innocence instead of subjecting them to the knowledge of good and evil, they would be more able to receive every good thing God desires to lavish on them.

Our lives become difficult because we desire to be self sufficient. We all try so hard to expose them to the ways of the world so they will grow up and be independent and not taken advantage of. If we were to have more faith in love than in fear we would teach them things that are holy, lovely, pure, which brings peace. This peace keep their hearts protected “above all else”.

If we do not let evil come through our doors and windows, then we are protecting His beautiful creations. Then they will have the abundant lives He desires for them to have. Satan has been thrown down; we must stop aiding in throwing each other down.

I pray we hedge each other in like a soft blanket tucked all around. May the strength of His right hand tuck it gently to swaddle us all.
  • Peace you have because His peace He leaves you.
  • Strength you have because His strength is working through you.
  • Abundance you have because it flow down from His Father.
  • Health you have because He has victory over all that destroys.
So claim all he created you to be by walking in harmony, community and the deliverance of the Lord.
Just Believe!
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