February 17, 2012

Peace is HOW we Harmonize

But seek FIRST His kingdom and all these things shall be added to YOU! Luke 12:31 NAS

We have been speaking about Peace, our Frame of Mind and Harmony.  Today we are blending these notes into a melodious cord to see if they harmonize.  When you, yourself understand their tone, experience it for yourself, then YOU will be filled with His harmony which merges and stabilizes all things. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Peace is how we harmonize.  We are told to extend our peace whenever we approach others and before entering dwellings.  If our peace is accepted, we are to stay in community with those whom are peaceable.  We are also told to be at peace with others as far as it depends on us.  We are instructed to keep our peace; not to give it away to those desiring to consume all peace as if they are a vast vortex leaving no peace for others.  I am always reminded of the proverb regarding giving our pearls to swine when I think of this.  To do so is a waste of something good which is to be planted, prosper and flourish bringing much more to everyone else in need.

The struggle between keeping peace and being IN peace is the battle mentioned which is not with flesh and blood.  We are told it is in the spiritual realm.  Our ability to keep peace by means of our own force / emotions is the down fall.  You see it is not OF us, there for our own might will always defeat us.  Did you grasp that?  Read it again if not.  There is nobody else there in that scenario is there?

Now compare this struggle to little children desiring to play with the same toy and there is only one between them.  They cannot comprehend the concept of playing together with the toy.  There vision is that of the vortex, all they can see is me, mine, all, go away!  The other child or children who is left toy-less, if even for one second begins the process of a meltdown by way of an explosion.

God's peace is not about happiness; although with His peace comes much.  It is not about grasping that momentary prize either; although with His peace we are blessed and prosper in all ways.  God's peace is not about detaching from everyone else in order to HAVE your desire; although there are times when He tells us to leave is the only way harmony may be kept. These are a few of the reasons why we, in our limited understanding are not able to wrap our minds around the depths, heights an widths of this selfless yet amazingly fulfilling True peace of His.  

Did you notice how self motivated, consuming and therefore isolating the peace is which we usually strive to obtain?  Now, think about how a musical note is enhanced when other notes entwine, merge and complete each other.  The sound which emerges is deeper, richer, whimsical and intense, depending on the notes, all at the same time.  It's absolutely DELICIOUS!

Have no doubt and do not be deceived: God's peace is all about harmony.  God is about unity and this unity WILL NOT happen without community.  This is the reason I am constantly speaking about our "common unity".  The fact is, unless all entities are harmonizing, His peace is flat and not the desired tune He has his heart set on conducting.  God Shalom is perfect pitch: perfect, whole, unimaginably lavish completeness.  I picture the one note to affect His ear as an off pitch, shrill singular voice which causes a pane of glass to fragment violently.  If I were an angel, I would feverishly fly the opposite direction.  But they will charge toward the battle line of this cosmic fight when they hear His perfect pitch!

So, as Christ (the living, walking, accepted your chaos which over took His life because God allowed it, restored all life and victories enabling PERFECT harmony - Christ) said "Do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own."

Did you hear THAT?

With Love flung all about you,

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