February 12, 2012

Missing Sunday Lunch With My Folks

Part of family is the traditions we build into our generations.  One of my fondest traditions is church and then lunch.  Just lunch wouldn't do it for me.  As for me, I find such a release of all things I am holding onto only when I am convicted as to what God should be holding against me personally. 

It is at that point that I am ashamed of any and all things I dare hold up against anyone else.  God is so gracious, forgiving, merciful and just.  I so want to be like that.  I thank Him that I can be as I allow Him to transform my mind so that I may see even a glimpse of what He tells me is true.

There are several things I want to post today: the first is something He was helping me understand just today, the second one is from many years ago, the third is a video which ties them together - at least for me.

After I studied this morning, went to church, had lunch with my husband and son.  I came home to write and talk with God about my thoughts, feelings etc.  He brought up the poem, The End of the Day.  It was then that I realized a bit more clearly this great journey I have been on.  I thank Him for his faithfulness to continue to refine me - as He refines what I understand about His ways.

So, Please enjoy every second of today.....
Till tomorrow,

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The End of the Day

Here at the table all faces in view
I watch them interact with each other in Love
I know not their words just the heart that they share
With pride for my family - I take it all in
I sit at the table by my Father's right hand
Amazed we're together - now time has no place
Their sweet interactions made all worth the wait
Their pain not remembered, their toil understood
My life worth the living, which brings high demands
This meal will now linger for days, months, maybe years
Who knows - there's no hurry our work is complete
Most important is our family and the fellowship we've missed

Those lost we won't long for, we forgive and we forget
Not all chose the commission, their choice we respect
For us all is simple, such beauty abounds
His divine revelation, our inspiration now known
The successes of our Saviour, the Glory of our Lord!

I pray this day you get even the smallest glimpse as He passes by....
In Love - For Him,
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