January 11, 2012

Magnificent Box

magnificent box_watercolor 002 (2) altered
water color by Candace Huffmaster

A box no matter how magnificent is still a mere box.  It is the heart given which creates the present.~ ch
Having just come through the holidays, witnessing so many exchanges between individuals my mind opened wide to perceive a few things. 
Is it the quality of the content within the box which sets the value of wealth a recipient receives?  We know the verses which state it is better to give than to receive.  Yet as a society many times we are purchasing out of obligation and or for image reasons.  We can spend a great deal of money “doing the right thing” and looking good doing it but that little bit of good fades – people forget how great the gift was.  God tells us when we give love, charity, mercy, kindness, patience that not only are others blessed but we are blessed and He is given glory.
Let’s not put these gifts in a box, let’s simply share them as they freely flow down from our heavenly Father.  For when we do this each present moment will be more magnificent than the last.
Think on these things if only for today -

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