January 4, 2012

Feigned Sanctification

As we have been thinking about the lures which capture our focus or thoughts, I started thinking about sanctimonious behaviors - false humility. Sanctimonious is defined as: Feigning piety or righteousness.

 God desires to sanctify us or set us apart for sacred use; He consecrates us.  When we are self righteous we are being sanctimonious.  He desires us to be righteous in Him, to allow our self to die so that His "self" righteousness may develop us within Him. 

Think about this:  God is a real God desiring real relationships.  If He didn't want relate-able relationships He would have created things differently, but He didn't. We know that the process of sanctification can only be done through the Holy Spirit, therein lies the lure to our soul telling us that no one will be able to tell the difference.  Will they be able to discern if we are truly sanctified or simply sanctimonious?  Do I really need a saviour or can I pull off saving myself?

So I looked up the definition of Savior in the etymology dictionary and found out that the word savior actually was borrowed from Old French and Latin words meaning saver, preserver, to save. 

There is a difference from being set apart FOR God and set apart FROM God.  Theology and sanctimonious BEHAVIOR without the spirit of God's liberty exposing the depths of our souls intent to unify the spirit with the soul is the reason for Gods sanctions or commandments.  We have to be ABLE to see for ourselves what He sees or we will not believe we CAN be lured away!

Today relax in God's will knowing He loves you and calls you His delight.  He knows sanctification has to be done by this so he sent us a "life" preserver - a savior Christ Jesus.  Being a creation of God, this life preserver operates higher than a preserver created by the hand and ideals of man.  What God sent to save us can't be deflated and though it was punctured it is still able to save.  Our preserver raises to tread on mighty waves and hoists us into heights if we trust and give in to His abilities.

So again, today - especially if your flotation devise has your head bobbing in the water - PAUSE - think on these things and choose a REAL life preserver - a Savior.  Just think about it.....

I am praying for us all,

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