November 13, 2011

Extending, Taking, Receiving or Theft

Our conversations were wonderful yesterday - I thank each of you for freely speaking from your hearts.  It is always amazing to converse with each of you; collectively or one on one.  When KB was still a thought in progress I knew our purpose was this (from original scribble mind you):

We go through life and hardly even consider our purpose or the reasoning behind why a God so powerful would have even desired to create us.   He has things to tell us, teach us, reasons for us to survive and thrive. He desires for us to grow, share, experience, love, laugh, cry and realize we are but a community to help, love, encourage and teach, not condemn and judge setting our own expectations, accountability, guilt, shame and burden.  This is why I and my fellow sojourners are striving to achieve a beautiful community with higher levels of thinking, supporting each other with higher understanding of what it looks like to care beyond yourself and be part of something bigger than your "self".
That, my dear friends is what we consider……true beauty. We believe this is something for us all to feel truly passionate about.

We have spoken about receiving the peace God offers us through Christ, receiving salvation, extending peace and giving into the lives of others.  We have also spoken about how others give with ulterior motives, and satan comes to kill steal and destroy.  We have also examined what God states about "asking".  Now we are entering into some conversations and studies on "Taking".  What are we supposed to take? 
For today, read the information below.  The art was a piece for an exhibit last Thanksgiving.  The prose I pray will help your heart, mind, soul and spirit prepare for some of the topics we will discuss Honestly.
My prayers are for your peace, wisdom, discernment and walk to witness for His name sake and glory.
With Love,

Perfected in Unity
   Mixed Media
Candace Huffmaster

When thinking about “the gift” it was extremely difficult for me to perfectly exemplify the topic.  There are so many things both real and intangible that drew my focus.  But over the course of a month while studying scriptures there became only one thing that was “the perfect gift” in my opinion and that is the perfect love of God.
Christ died for this love, we are received back because of this love and 1 John 4:12 states that if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.  When I think of every good and perfect gift, I have to know that it begins and ends with the hand of God; or as James 1:17 states “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.
I pray we all receive His love, His gift and be all that He desired us to be.
Take up your Cross

Here sitting, I’m uneasy; but where on earth do I go?
Looking in, to look out; beyond myself I must see

Don’t dare stop, or give up pace; step by step, you must move 
Search my will, by taking risks; discern, the word is with you.

Crossing over, takes strength; from above, you will succeed
 Moving mountains, is not your chore; simply ask, and then receive.
When your muscles, feel rest is needed, downhill, I give you speed
Trust, in my ability; let go, move like the wind
Without effort, buildings tumble, and ruble is blown from view
Yet in that wind, flowers are tickled; their sweet laughter, a song in the breeze.
Through obedience, my love rises
Lifting my children, through every hard time. 
I love you all, so dearly; please share of my grace
Then mountains become ocean, of pleasure not pain

What is life, if not sharing; and breath, if not blown
With love, go ye gently; help me rescue, their weary soul

I teach all, who will listen; to partake, of my grace
So that when all is over, together we will claim
 “My God, you are amazing!” not “How, did I not see?”
All sin, can be forgotten; in peace, we must all be

My Jesus, sweet Jesus, I thank you for all
Cross carried, pain taken; so we would not fall
 “Walk swiftly”, you beseech me; oh please, let me run
Toward you, till I reach you, no burden is too strong

This world will not weight me, if I give all away
Riches, to the earthly; so they, might see gain 
My troubles, I gladly, lay at your feet
Replaced with, your abundance, so all may be fed

Please show me, where the need is, so all may have life
Not of things, which will perish, but of walls without bounds
Not separation, but protection; to loved ones in need
Encouragement and mercy, a hand up to breath

You saved me; I see that, and the road which lies ahead
Your face, is so lovely; I see you so clear 
Your eyes are like rivers, flowing waters, with no end

You rest now; I will paddle and accomplish your work
Your job now, is finished; in agreement I am
Spreading the mission, to others, just as you said
Not my voice, but yours, in the ear of the world
Your sweet words, just melts them; I stand in awe
Pride in your accomplishment, no matter the job
You knew how you would use me, which still makes me laugh,
 all that kicking and fighting, like I knew what’s best.
All days are so peaceful, when I rest in your will,
how fulfilling is my purpose, serving you does not fail.
How far, was the question, must I go on this road?
 How long will it take me, quickest route I must know?
Now realizing the journey is about travel; not speed
and the stranded you are passing, or the hiker in need.
Moving in your provision, even here as I sit
 through this world I travel, with all my needs met.

©2007 Candace Huffmaster
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc
With gratitude for our editor’s  excellent efforts, Jimmy Crain.