November 9, 2011

As His Child, I Believe

We’ll guys, here you have it: This is the official name of the book as well as what the archive will be titled for these segments. Below is a simple excerpt from one of the pages ( the final edits are not back yet so bear with me).

As His Child, I Believe

Good morning Dad………………
I love you so very much ~
Even this is hard to explain ~
In each pixel I exist to give thanks.....

Lead me through those things you foresaw;
Show me your everlasting view;
 The ancient of days is my choice;
My desire is to follow and see ~
To know, understand and to do ~
Not hear simple words then perceive.

Above, my heart searches the heights,
My mind searched the depths here below;
Without you these two worlds cannot merge,
For their connection is secured by your hand.

Please find my name; remember me ~
Through Christ I AM Holy and Pure;
May your search find me just as I AM ~
His Righteousness, His feet, at your side.
I ask for the sake of my life,
Also those who might follow by sight,
Not to perish in what I understand.
Through Christ, through the Spirit – Speak,
To my body, mind, soul very weak,
Till your kingdom, in fullness, I reach;
Be Lovely - because that you are;
Be Holy for them to perceive;
Be Righteous in the formation you create,
Living out the remainder of our days.

Teach me, as your child,  to grow;
Protect me – you do that I know!
Release me, yet never let me go ~
One moment, one step on my own.

Belief, trust and faith hold me tight;
My desire for you wakes my soul ~
Your Beauty encompasses my way ~
Every moment, every thought, every day.

Oh, for the joy my heart leaps ~
The memories of what my mind sees:
The future as real the past ~
In pictures - like family photographs ~
We’re all there and some I don’t know ~
But my face they recall as their own ~
Deep comfort, honest pleasure, passionate peace ~
to BE where I fit; in my place!

So today, though I know not how long,
I will cherish all your memories and thoughts;
For in you I have a hope that is real,
Beyond illusions so grand and tall.

Thank you my Lord and my King ~
My mighty strong tower where I see ~
The horizon on which you will come ~
To receive us: your most precious things.
Kisses ~ C

©2007, Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved

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