October 4, 2011

In His Image We Were Made

This is the day that the Lord has made, so let’s rejoice in it!!

He is such a Good God…Great really.  What could possibly bring us to any other destination than rejoicing?  Consider, think on, hold in your heart these thoughts:
  • If the Lord our God, who is all mighty, be for us then what could possibly come against us with any success to the point of harming us? 
  • Also: Just as close as you hold this thought in your mind and heart, God, who loved you before you existed in the flesh, knew of you.  He knew the number of your days and what you would be facing each and every moment of them. And he has been holding you in His heart, remembering YOU…..
So what in this world, in the heavens, or below is there which you should fear?

Can you ever come to a place of understanding God by taking the Fear bypass?

His word tell us to know and believe his truth.  His own words gave some direction for our travels: the one who fears is not (or cannot be) perfected in Love.  Therefore doesn’t it make sense that the Fear bypass will only take us “around the perimeter” of Love, but not into the heart of it?

To fear the Lord is not what we perceive it to be (I know this is a gross generalization).  What this speaks of is an understanding of how mighty and victorious He is; how all consuming of Righteousness, purity and holiness He is.

To understand this is so overwhelming to our finite minds we dummy it down to create Him in ways we can comprehend.  This is the sin of idolatry – creating Him into an image of man (or something we can fit nicely into our apple basket).

When His word tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind, it means thinking new, different thoughts.  This would take His mind to achieve, otherwise, we are still comparing man’s thoughts to man’s thoughts – which will not obtain an original God thought (the needed orange in our basket). 
This is why it is so important for us to “believe” that the bible is God’s word through humans.  It is also why He demands that we not add to it or take away from it.  Again, this would be idolatry.

When He tells us not to conform to this world but to be transformed – we are to understand that piece by piece we are to put down our man made ways and replace them one by one with a God made way.  God made us in His image, through His understanding.  So we cannot be everything He designed us to be by making God in our image – kinda’ stupid simple when the rubber hits the road don’t ya think?

To think of the end destination comparatively to where we are now and the distance we must travel will make even the most challenge loving, self persistent individual shrink back in fear of this daunting adventure.  This is why God tells us up front that the one who shrinks back, He takes no pleasure in.

But do not make God human in His statement.  He did NOT say, “If you do  not do it my way, I won’t like you nor will I have anything to do with you because you are an idiot for not doing what I said.”

What He DID say was this, “It will not bring me to a point of celebration and joy, because my hearts desire is to slather you with ALL my good pleasure, to the point it is chasing you down to overtake you.  And you are funning away from all the help I have in store for you – DON”T Do THAT!  I want GOOD things for you and not things which will harm you!!

Instead of allowing all the false imaginations to hijack you before you even pull onto the road, remember God never expected you to be on the road by your sheer grit –or to have to figure it out all by your smart self.  This would have never given Him what He wanted….relationships.  After all, He is the one who originated the thought, it is not good for man to be alone. He created us not for sacrifice but for a body to call His own.  Just like He created Eve for Adam – something to call His very own, and she him.  I bet what God was thinking as He said, “That’s Good” is, Now that’s good – they would have never known how good, wonderful and perfect life can be without a relationship – and I want them to know only an awesome, loving, take your breath away good life – so they will have something to rejoice about each and every new day I bring them to and through!

That is why I know, understand and believe that He is a Great God….Really! =D

So today, knowing all this, I leave you with a pray of love; which I request to cover each of you as you seek to understand, by way of knowing, the great true love he has for you.  And a question for you to answer to the best of your ability:

Why is integrity so important?

By way of the one who is faithful and the true witness – with Love in my heart and mind as I hold each of you near and dear:

© 2007 by Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved