October 20, 2011

"I Know, But I Don't Know How.."

Knowledge is a fickle find; in Wisdom you find treasure!

Today we are putting some practical steps and understanding out here.  We know quite a bit about what is right wrong, emotions, needs verses wants etc.  What we have the most trouble with is falling offside of the lane we are in before we reach the destination of the 12 pins on the other end. 
This analogy in mind let’s use today’s thoughts as gutter guards if you will.  We might not knock down all the pins right at first throw but with some guidance we will at least reach the goal.  Remember, you get to bowl again and will get better and more skilled the more often you give it a GO!
We know that we are extended peace and we are to keep it.  We know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  We know that we are to not lose hope because Christ overcame the world.  We know we could compile an exhaustive list…..but I’m not gonna go there =D.
The information below is formed from the book of Galatians.  It is our letter of encouragement and we will be utilizing it quiet often throughout the rest of our Honestly conversations:
Be armed with the name of the Lord for He alone is victor over all things.  In times of trouble do not fear them – if you fear the Lord, He alone will set you free from all of them who are against you.  If the Lord be for you, none can stand against you.
It is better to have the Lord on your side than to trust a mortal or influential person.  They may surround you, swarm you even push hard to make you fall but remember the Lord is on your side!  Sing of the strength of your savior, how He will display His hand high, mighty and strong. 
v  You will live to tell what the Lord has done for you:
Ø  How He opened the gates of righteousness for you to enter
Ø  How you stand firm because you did not reject the cornerstone of God’s Kingdom. 
§  Give thanks to God, who gave you success when you called on His name to rescue you.
§  Give thanks to the Lord because He is good, because His mercy endures forever.
We know that integrity is important because we are blessed by a life lived this way.  What we have difficulty with or get overwhelmed with is how to become a person of integrity.  Of course we KNOW how – we simply follow the teachings of the Lord.  But there is nothing simple about that in this God made, man transformed world.  That is why God had to set the boundaries or laws for us to see that what we have done is not His best, now He desires us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind so that He may undo what we redid – Stick with me here!
v  So we as: “But how can we possibly do NOTHING wrong and be above reproach”?
Ø  Answer:
§  By wholeheartedly searching for Him
§  By following his directions
§  By carefully following his guiding principles
The Lords command is for us to allow him to guide us so that we may become firmly established.  He gave us the principles to study, to learn and to use as our pathway so that we will never be ashamed.  When we obey them we are seen in His righteousness – this is our saving grace!  We must give thanks that He never abandons us.
v  “But the world is so unforgiving”, I hear you say.  “How do we protect the purity of our hearts, He commands US to protect our hearts above all else?”
Ø  By holding onto Gods Word
Ø  When we whole heartily search for Him, His hedge of protection keeps us from falling into the gutter – away from his principles and ways
Ø  If His word is the treasure we are digging for then our hearts intent will be pure.  In this He will find no fault and we are found to be above reproach – Hence, a person of Integrity!
v  “But I do not know his ways yet that well; how will I know if I am being guided by God or a wise inposter?”
Ø  The principles or regulations you are taught and treasure in your heart.  Your lips will repeat them and they become your protection or shield as the angels hearken to come fight the battles which you might not even be aware of.
Ø  You will find joy, display peace as you choose His ways of life over every king of riches.
Ø  As you study and grow in walking this way you will reflect the image of Christ
Ø  You will be happy and desire to not slip away from His words of truth
§  His kindness will be shown toward you to encourage you to keep going
§  He has to do this because you are now transformed into a new creation who can no longer operate in this world because your old skills are now gone and you have to start as from birth learning your new form.
§  He must open up the mysteries of His commandments for your protection
§  Your soul will have an endless yearning to understand so that it does not perish.
And this is where ensuing coliseum battle gets underway……..
We will start a new frame tomorrow –today, think about these things.  Pray about your changing form.  I ask that your faith not fail, your spirit is prospering and the store house of His wisdom be etched in the soterior of your soul for all eternity.
In Unity with the vision of Christ,

©2011 Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved
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