July 10, 2011

My Sad Heart Sings

Praise and Prayer in Prose
My sad heart sings, for His promises I believe
My faith hold firm joy, which I know the morning brings
Grief for the loss, as my wailing pours out
I pity his place, though I know his days are safe
My God, this is hard, even with all I know
My experience is not large, compared to his need
I know you use all things, to accomplish his good
But for now my heart is breaking, as I feel his despair
Through anger and vengeance his wrath is felt
These burdens you bore, as it ripped off your flesh
But I too feel torn from the pressure and hate
Protect my heart with your hand, for it heals all these things
So that I may speak boldly, withholding no good thing
I denounce all other power, except for your name
Nothing else is eternal, your love binds to uphold
I pray that he seek you, your counsel in full
To see all things clearly, and that he is adored
In Christ there is no condemnation…no guilt or shame
I request satan be bound from him, and he protected by your grace
Have mercy upon him; what he sees is a lie
Pierce him deeply to usher in your light
In you there is no shifting shadow only angel to take charge
All good things you offer so that his mind may transform
I beseech you dear Father, this is my request:
To love him and save him, to prosper him in all ways
If I am a hindrance, remove me this day
His life is too precious and I am already saved
In Christ, through the Holy Spirit, my faith knows this is done
To God be all the glory for the mighty things he has done
~by Candace Huffmaster
©2011 All Rights Reserved