July 25, 2011

Filled By His Tears

Father, I am broken from all this world has to offer
Make me whole even here in this space
The love of this place no longer pleasing
All I long for is held in your tender embrace
My heart longing to be in your presence
My eyes seeking for you in all ways near and far
My hand yearning to touch you if only for one single second
For I would cherish that moment till this life surely ends
Oh fill me in my deepest love losses
So that there is no dry arid space they may continue to haunt
Let my memories be filled with only your goodness
Bind me in the promise of your return
Barren and abandoned is not my heritage....
Because you never left me here alone
You are simply away in preparation,
Of our home, which I eagerly await
You have given me daily provision
You have ordered the care that I need
I am following your direct instructions
Ensuring where you have gone, there too, I will be
Thank you for this day of laughter
Thank you for this day full of  life
Thank you for Loving me with such great abandon
Thank you for calling me your wife
Let me be pleasing in your presence
Increase me to care for those in need
Allow me the grace to Love as you Love
So that they see you, as they peer through me
Be it done unto me as you will it
For I know you will allow me no harm
You are the creator of all good things
Protecting my very life with your righteous strong arm
Lift me with your prayers of intercession
For in this life I cannot make it on my own
Be one with me and our Father
As you have wished, I request it to be done
Within the holiest of Holies, I beg your forgiveness
For any way I brought your reputation harm
Repair your image - all stains forgotten
Lift me up as the bride you deserve
I ask that they too be forgiven
For it is only in unity we can be released
I ask for your kingdom to overwhelm us
As the angels usher in to assist
Prepare us to rejoice as you foresaw it
Teach us your words harmonizing the tune in full
Bring all your power into our abilities
For only then may we celebrate your spectacular reign
We shall not fear your perfect presence
We shall shine bright as we stand in the winds of your change
To light up your heavenly runway
Praising your glorious entry as our King
Clamouring with joy to embrace you
Bearing our most precious gifts to lay at your feet
Humbly in adoration you approach us
Each of us and yet some how one by one
Your eyes seek and search our every feature
As if you are looking at us for the very first time
Your hands, embracing our face, pull us toward you
Your lips touch the smoothness of our skin
Your tears of joy spill out upon us
To completely fill any arid space that exists
Together we sit and we ponder
We toast, we laugh and we enjoy
This table is the home we have longed for
Your presence is that space for which we have yearned
Now, in unity, not one thing is missing
So we are bound within your presences eternally.

To the One, the only Lord of my Life, Jesus Christ

©Candace Huffmaster 2011 All Rights Reserved