September 30, 2010

Conversations with my Dad

Today I thought I was going to get us back on track with our study of Genesis and God’s story being told. Maybe this is on track and I simply do not realize it at this point.

However, as I was spending time conversing with God this morning He moved me to lay down my plans and just listen for awhile. I think He has something to say to someone so I will put it out here without holding anything back.

My prayers are that it was not just one, it was all of us. I am praying for all our bodies needs to be met in a powerful way today. He is God and we believe that!

Hallelujah, with the love of our Christ Jesus,


Good Morning Dad,

Right now at this moment I spot to hear what you have to say. My heart has been softening because this morning I have been pouring out praise.

My ears have been perked to catch the calm of your tender voice. My knees have lowered my soul to raise my food and life in my humble hands – at the feet of my Lord and Savior , your son, my reason for hope and life.

Now I sit to enjoy perfect harmony with the one and only God of all: my dad, the lover of all of us, my Lord that has conquered all. I know that I am still speaking even though seeking you is my hearts desire. It is just that you overwhelm me – maybe there is still something I need to release? I give you all my anxiety because in you I should be in total peace.

This is your holiest of holies. This is where I am alone with you. This is where I am to enjoy life. This is where liberty meets me.

Today, I will be still in your presence, today I am turning to shut the door. Today, I release ALL bondage saying goodbye to my unloyal friends. Today, I receive all you offer, today I plant all your heart has desired. Today, I am missing nothing and now there in nothing incomplete.

My life is perfect for your harvest. My life is yours for the take. My life is Christ’s to live victorious….in Him I have everything!

Live my Lord, among your people: walk and let them see, speak the might that calms nations, breath your breath upon the winds, embrace all those held captive, comfort them till they find their way.

Tell them right now at this moment, your angels are charging their way. Tell them to wait in your presence. Tell them we are on our way. Tell them you do not send false prophets – to listen for YOUR voice to be heard. Whisper right now in their presence. Tell them this is the voice they will hear. Tell them we are but one body. Tell them this is the mystery to seek. Tell them they too are coming. ….coming home protected to our King.

Thank you Father – amen.

Here is a psalm, poem or conversation what ever you want to label it that I believe He shared with me years ago to complete this and I didn’t even know it till today – I thank God that He is God and I know that I am not =D Live, Love, Laugh today…claim your years and let Him live in your stead!

Riding the Wave

Dearest Father, I praise all that you are
Enlarge my simple space, to encompass even more
Your presence to share freely, is my deepest hearts desire
Your vision and compassion, directing my path to walk
Preserve all of your ways; speak your truth to light their dark.

As I bow at here at your feet, prostrate, I die to this world
Allowing my space for life; fill this container with truth
With your thoughts, visions and dreams: fulfillment of this world unseen.
You know I believe in you, yet what I know is not yet complete
Your promises are firm; it is that which holds tight my feet
Though some bridges I walk will shake, just as the mountains surely will fall
It is you repelling all foes, so my flight is successful and complete:
My height over the mountains entering straight through your glorious gate
You close tight your boundaries to always keep me safe
You so love all your children, we see this through your grace.

So This Day open up your heavens; receive in all my praise
Send down your righteous angels to cover this world’s pain
Thank you my sweet savior, your blood upon our cross
May your words now be heard as mighty
They still provide in the time for your lost.

My sweet precious angels, you are already in their midst
You love them with out ceasing,
You lay and listen at my feet
All days I am watching,
My eyes never cease to see
My tears rain down on your heads,
My mercy will ease all the pain.

You love me and do not worry, so your needs are known and met
Do not look to another; this is not your home
My hand is always your master and all keys lye within my grip
Your heart is my home in all ways; here you’re home within me.

Understand - this is the flow of the oceans tides,
This tide of love rolls into your life
What rises up within you will cover their weakened life
My words flow causing movement: the rise and to some the wake
I then roll into the body, which will never return to me void
You see, in this ocean people are diving
The battle is in the deep
Some are raised within my current;
Some drown or are tossed about
It is my love which lifts all higher,
Yet the tow is pulling others down.
When they trust and float within my will;
When they believe in “the way” of which I speak
No boat will ever be needed, my life will always sustain.

Keep riding throughout this world, from river into stream
Flow within my essence: my provision and my strength
Your journey is forever promised and my faithful father commands…..
All His life giving angels to continue circling while establishing peace.

Candace Huffmaster
September 2007© all rights reserved