August 9, 2010

God Created Order; We Created The Mess

When thinking about what we have learned while studying Genesis, we must clarify which mess we are embracing.  I know that that in our lack of maturity in Christ we can become okay with  with the fact that we are sinners and allow comfort to take precedence over the renewing of our character so that we can be transformed into His image.  
God did not desire us to go through this process of refinement.  But I am so thankful that He knew from the beginning what allowing free will would take us to so that He planned the way out for us.....if we will allow it, and embrace His way to Zoe Life.  This is "the way". This is our journey. And God said it is a good journey with all that is good waiting for us along this path.  Believe in Him deeply, honestly, passionately. 

I pray that we will run into His embrace freely so that we might have rest for souls.

With the Love of our Christ,

Embracing the Mess

TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman
Monday, August 09 2010

"Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest." Proverbs 14:4
My wife and I run together through a new home subdivision. Often we see the street filled with red clay from the land as bulldozers clear it to lay a foundation. The job site is littered with lumber, all sorts of trash from workers, and is generally a mess. The house looks ugly; it has all its insides exposed as it is being pieced together, yet this process is necessary to get to the finished product. When completed, the home is beautiful. The landscaping looks like it came out of a home-design magazine. Everything is clean and perfect in order for the new homeowner to move in.

Our walk with God is much the same process. Often we must go through a messy period of our lives in which all aspects of it are in disarray. It is in these times that God builds a new structure. He might remove some structural timbers in our lives and replace them with new ones. He might even add on another room. And unless this process takes place, we will never see the end product. The goal is more Christlikeness. In order to achieve this in us, He requires a period of removing all that is not of Him. It can be a painful process.

It would be impossible to keep oxen in a barn without having to clean up the mess from time to time. It just comes with the territory, but the result of the oxen is an abundant harvest. God may be allowing a mess in order to ensure a fruitful harvest in your life. Learn from Him so that you might experience the fulfillment of His purposes for you in these times.