August 1, 2010

From Coversations With My Dad


Life constantly spinning all around;
unanswered questions still abound
Noise and commotion appear in my face
They cloud my world, so I unleash my faith.
Walk swiftly my sister, no longer my child;
The captives are waiting they’re not easily found
My arm stretches out; the good will be found
Darkness cannot cover me within them
The blessed are the innocent as time draws to an end
All peace at this time comes from within;
External pressures compress their will
True life, in all forms ,comes from above;
Separation, distinction, space and time
Are all are contenders in My grace divine
Be patient my angel, you are on your way home
I’m here before you, my face still not seen;
Right now in your mind as you imagine me to be
Just think of our Father and his divine plan;
Created you an image… right from His mind
You see how you stand here,
Do you know what you reflect?
It is His image so all will know that I exist.
Remember in the mirror and all that you saw?
Not your face but me, looking back into you
A vision not created by mere man;
But that of my Father made pure and complete.
Walk gently, walk slowly with deliberate steps
I’m here right beside you never dropping your hand
Life is for living not missing one thing;
Blessings of abundance are coming your way.
Your heart is still beating now with my blood;
Each pulse is life spirit of goodness from above.
Breathe deep my sweet angel and enjoy that fresh smell;
Release in assurance of a life bought by Me
A gift to my Father, one more soul I’ve saved;
There are many still searching,
There is more work still to do.
Just follow behind me, my God will not fail;
His purpose was written on the sun, moon and stars
The heavens contain it; such splendor unseen
One day, together, all answers we will know
Till then let us wander all corners of the earth,
Waving our banner to spread our concern
The days are not longer, no shorter indeed!
My father is watching; we are all on bended knee
Much mercy and compassion are here for the take
Don’t be disappointed when they do not reach
Keep going, keep hoping their names I know
By stopping time is wasted: let’s hurry up home
Too long I have been waiting; I miss you all
Let’s scream, jump and worship at the top of our lungs
“Jesus is coming; He’s calling us home!”
“Please don’t dare wander; His face is in view!”
“People will perish, He said it is so!”
“Come with us quickly; We see the way”
“My brothers and sisters we are all different age!”
“Each has a mission, a vision, a dream;
Planted and created for this time of need!”
“The workers are needed to come to the field;
The storms are around us but the crops will still yield!”
“ Trust in the Savior and do not look back!”
“ Keep planting and sowing, more seeds can still grow;
No torrents will touch you, you are under His wing!”
“Sunshine is promised and pride of the crops;
Together we will harvest and enjoy the spoils:
Life of abundance, eternally our home!”
By Candace Huffmaster
All rights Reserved 2007 ©