August 27, 2010

Believe and Recieve

Genesis 2:16, 17 (NAS)
The LORD God commanded  the man, saying, "From any tree of the garden you may eat freely;  but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat,  for in the day that you eat from it you  will surely die."

Today I want to make sure that we really look at the accounts leading up to the placement of Adam in the garden and what God actually stated to him about his dietary intake.

We know from our studies that God had completed all boundaries and separation good things from lesser things by the sixth day. He rested on the seventh day because it was a done deal. Understanding this allows us to see what God was telling Adam about what He could, yet should not, ingest. God said you have the right to eat freely, because I set you up to have the right to everything. However, I am going to let you in on some very beneficial insight: the tree of knowledge of good and evil is not a great choice…it is a lesser choice. When you eat from it, it will not increase your life it will work against you and in a matter of time you will surely die.

God desired Adam to “know” that he cared too deeply for him to stop short of anything less than an eternal Zoe life. This would take more than intellectual knowledge. Man would have to “learn”. Understanding comes through experience, trust, relationship which leads to maturity and the fullness of life. God did not desire Adam to have a short life filled up with knowing but never learning; a life of sorrow, held down by the weight of empty knowledge, worry, doubt, fear. No, He desired Adam to have it all. It is good to not worry about the evil …would have been best to not even have the knowledge about the evil, but to trust that God had already given him all he needed to overcome the evil..subdue it and “keep” his dominion. That was the order of each of Adams days.

We have the same order whether male or female we are. God created us in His image. So this day reject empty knowledge of good vs evil. Simply choose LIFE. Tomorrow we will see where God stated this all again in Deuteronomy. Sunday we will see where Christ speaks of things further.

My love and prayers to each of you today…Just trust God, He is able. All we have to do is believe and receive!