June 17, 2010

Is God in Your Way, or Are You in His?

Genesis 1:9-13

Then God said “let the waters below the heavens be GATHERED in to One Place, and let the DRY LAND appear; and so it was.

The first thing that really stormed my mind about these verses today was how awesome it must be to have total authority, confidence and trust in the ability to literally / materially realize what you have been conceiving. I am in awe of what it looks like when there is nothing standing in God’s way. He says it is so…..and so it is. “Boom, there it is!”

That is where a question met me square, eyeball to eyeball. It was taunting me, “If you are made in God’s image and He REALLY gave you all the same authority to conceive / realize just as He does, why is it not happening? Are you standing in God’s way, or is He standing in yours? “Boom, there it is!”

It is not as if I am the first woman ever to be taunted by this question. Heaven’s no! Eve was the first and Satan has very few tricks up his petty little sleeve. So I simply acknowledged that He is a liar here to steal, kill and destroy what God has “allowed” us to partake in. He is NOT that tough once you “decide” to believe God.

If God said, “Let it be so” about anything. We simply have to “Let it be so and get out of the way”. So…moving forward let’s look at the Hebrew word Qavah from which the translators’ derived this word.

What this verb means is:

1) to wait, look for, hope, expect 2) waiting (participle) 3) to wait or look eagerly for 4) to lie in wait for 5) to wait for, linger for 6) to collect, bind together 7) to be collected

When we understand the meaning of Qavah we can’t help but realize that “whatever” entity this verb is a speaking of has already been formed and made. This entity is simply expectantly, hopefully, eagerly, waiting. It is lingering with such a great propensity of how wonderful it will be when it is displayed or uncovered.

Let’s look a bit further into this verse to understand what this entity was “going through”. The waters above and the waters below the horizon were in movement. They were being gathered “into one place”. (Genesis 1: 1-8)

When God gathers something into one place, he sets the place, once for all. It is predestined to be there and available.

We are stopping here today. I pray that you look at what is going on in and around your life. I pray that you ask if you are with God or against God. I ask that you prayerfully listen to his disclosure of facts and that you wait with expectancy for the sight of His revelation.

With the love of Christ,