June 8, 2010

The First Day of the Rest of Our Life...

Qara (call) is a Hebrew word with the meaning of proclaiming. It means to call out, cry, utter a sound. For us it means to do that with the name of God. It means to read aloud or read to oneself….simply to read. It also means to summon, invite, call for, commission, appoint, call AND endow.

In Genesis 1:5 we hear God calling light day and darkness night. He gave a name to it and called it by that name. He chose it, meaning it was chosen by Him.
Echad in Hebrew means one or first; it also means each and every. It also means only, once as well as “once for all”. It can take on the meaning of one…another, the one ….the other, one after another and one by one. A meaning that I found interesting was – eleven (in combination and eleventh (ordinal)

Yowm annunciated Yome in Hebrew is a word that I found very enlightening. Years ago when I started studying Hebrew and Greek language as it pertains to our bible it changed my life.

I will break some of the meaning down today and we will work our way through it for the rest of our lifetime (you will get that in a bit =D)

Meaning :
1. day, time, year
a. day (as opposed to night)
b. day (24 hour period)
1. as defined by evening and morning in Genesis 1
2. as a division of time 1b
c. a working day, a day's journey
d. days, lifetime (pl.)
e. time, period (general)
f. year
g. temporal references
1. today
2. yesterday
3. tomorrow

Each day we live is the first day of the rest of our life. This is over used and we don’t think about the depth of its meaning. This is why we are going to break it down, moment by prismatic moment. I leave you with what God enlightened me to start this amazing adventure I live “called” Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc.

There are people in life that build your strength and those that give you strength.

The irony is that usually the takers in life force you to build inner lasting strength due to the helplessness one can experience or the battle in isolation- due to trying to win with your own strength. The givers are the ones that come to your aid when you are bottoming out of self strength.

Neither is a lesser or more pivotal instrument in your personal evolution. Each simply a player in what I understand life to be: Moments, beautiful prismatic seconds twisting uniquely in and throughout our individual tunnel; refracting off the mirrors of our yesterdays which ultimately reflect our tomorrow and turn ever so awesomely into our life… for our eternal picture to form of who we intrinsically are. -Candace Huffmaster

With the heart of our Christ,