June 5, 2010

The Darkness Ends Where There is Light

After taking a day to think through these first 4 verses of Genesis 1, I know I am loaded and ready to take on the second thought in verse 4. (using God's Word Translation)

God saw the light was good. So God separated the light from the darkness.

We discussed earlier the full meaning of God laying His eyes on what he had perceived.  We know that the light was everything He desired it to be.  So in His wisdom, love, authority (I am sure I am leaving out something here) He "separated it from the void, obscure, ominous deep or whatever else pertains to this "darkness".  If that is so, and we all believe that it is, Why?  If it is good, wouldn't that help?  Why didn't He just throw it in the muddle?  Loaded with these questions, you know me, I had to look up the Hebrew meaning for "separate"; which is badal pronounced baw- dal (kind of similar to battle isn't it - that's for another day).

Badal means to divide, separate, sever, set apart, to make a distinction, to make a difference, to divide into parts, to withdraw from or separate unto oneself, to exclude.

Knowing this answers my questions.  I simply had to know the meaning of the word. 

We discussed a while back amidst the discovery of shadows some verses on darkness and light. Reflect on those today go to the search icon on the lower left side and type in light.  You can also type in dark, chaos, vision, any topic that you feel represent light  - darkness and separation.

We will pick up here tomorrow.
With the Love of Our Christ I cover us.  Join me today.