April 21, 2010

The World is a Stage

As we have been working through our stories and focusing on the pieces of which it is comprised. I thought it might be rather apropos to look at someone that lived his life collectively organizing “movements” in order to share of the beauty, passion and joy he saw in the collective arrangements.  Today I am speaking of Beethoven; we will be utilizing a medoly of parallels through out these group meetings. If it takes you a bit to get in find the key it's okay...we've got time. 

Symphony No. 9 in D minor, op. 125 represents the apotheosis of Beethoven’s symphonies. The idea for this symphony tormented Beethoven for many years. Dating as far back as 1809, we find notes of musical ideas which will be later used for this symphony. The material he gathered was ultimately used between 1822-1824 when the great symphony was elaborated with chorus and soloists. Its general tone is happiness captured in multiple instances. Perhaps that is why it was also titled "The Symphony of Joy". An excerpt from Translation of Beethoven im eigenen Wort

God is conducting, it is His composition. He resonates within each one of us to bring our unique tonality and quality to His masterpiece. He gave us all free will and promises that the spirit is willing. He warned us that it is the flesh that is weak.

I pray for us all to uncompromisingly desire to give Him his rightful “Center Stage” and serve within His “Symphony of Joy”
I look forward to hearing more of your stories; your works of art from the pieces of your lives…our lives…His life.

To Him all the praise and glory forever and ever; amen.
With Love to each of you.


The world is a Stage

The air under my wings; with no weight to pull me down
Gliding with immense freedom and joy;
I relax, drifting below cotton candy stretched clouds
The illumination is colorfully sheer,
As it veils the bluest of skies
The tree tops are waving “Good morning Lord”,
The buttercups turning up their precious face,
Blowing a tender kiss toward the heavens,
Their sweet breath is carried amidst the breeze
I see blankets of yellow and green beneath me,
Glistening from fresh morning dew
Like a carpet scattered with sparkling diamond;
Oh how God must love this view!
I pause my flight, perching above this symphony
No note seems to be misplaced
I hear the piccolo’s and flutes of His winged wood winds,
All perfect orchestrated by the composers’ right hand
No platform for Him is needed;
In this world He is center stage
The Maestro is Omnipotent,
Grandeur the scale to which musicians are tuned
My box seat here is panoramic; I bow my head thank him for this gift
Seeking His image through the lenses before me,
I catch a glimpse and focus till He is magnified;
Gazing with awe, throughout each movement; almost holding my breath
I acclaim Him through standing ovation…. hands waving,
Inspired, overwhelmed to the point of tears
I feel the breeze again lifting me, propelling me beyond my safe perch
My heart now filled with His melody;
I will share of His composition within me.

By Candace Huffmaster ©