March 30, 2010

It's Personal!

Personalize this as you read it. Might I suggest even being so bold as to say it out loud?

This is the day that you have given me; I will rejoice in it and BE GLAD!
You are all powerful, all wise and all love, You have equipped me for THIS day. This day is also the provision, for the day just up ahead, to train me and mature me, so all will go well.

For me to be all you desire, all I need is to persevere, my success is not my own, it is your hand forming the turns. All particles of the moments, radiate your love and light, your glory from the process, of me gleaning what you have taught. Nothing is ever wasted, no time will be cut short, that is the Love of the Father, and the culminating point. He merges all things together. He disperses in the need. The light into the darkness, the rescue into the pain, the deliverance into our bondage, the salvation into our soul, the spirit into eternity, the family into our home.

What are you now facing? Look into my face. See the moments before you, through the eyes of my love and grace.
Stand in the freedom I offer, take the peace and the joy. Release the pain and the bondage; the shards that cut your soul.
Put your hand in the one that was wounded~He was harmed that you might be free. No wound is deeper than His resurrection; no toil beyond my right hand.

Today Remember what you are facing, is the chance for Him to live. Allow His breath to overtake you. Allow His body to be released. Pray for Him in others. Pray we remember His Life. Pray we all come together. As one, there remains no more to fight.

With the Love of Christ, I cover us all,